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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/8/2007 20:30 (Entered as : 11/08/2007 20:30)
Reported: 12/31/2010 9:12:47 AM 09:12
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Mesa, AZ
Shape: Other
Duration: 15 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object made a sound
Slowly moving and stopped craft barely over my home stayed for 15 minutes.

Approximately 8:30 pm, November 8th, 2007 I was sitting on my back yard patio, just outside the sliding back yard glass door. My wife was sitting just inside the glass door, sitting on the couch in her white nightly robe, and doing a cross word puzzle. We were only about 10 feet from each other.

I was sitting facing my southern back yard brick wall that was approximately 60 feet from me, with the back of my neighbor’s home on the other side of the wall approximately 120 feet from me. Both of our homes were single story family homes in east Mesa Arizona. Each home was approximately 60 feet in width.

I was just sitting there relaxing and everything was very quiet when I suddenly saw some lights that looked like professional football stadium lights, only in a single row (not 2 rows), very slowly rising from in front of my neighbor’s home until they were exposed barely over the home’s roof.

The lights, in length, were looking to be about 10 feet past the west side of the home and about 30 feet past the east side of the home. This made the light fixture look to be about 100 feet in length and there looked to be about 10 lights, running horizontally. The light fixture looked to be about 6 feet in bottom to top height. The lights were directly facing North, and my home.

My first reaction was that I was smiling a little and wondering what my neighbor was doing rising up lights like that, that were very large, at this time of night. That changed when I suddenly realized that the lights were now barely over the peak of my neighbor’s roof and very slowly moving over it toward my home.

Seeing this my next reaction, as I still sat in my chair, was that I realized the lights I was seeing were not on a pole, they were airborne, very low, and moving very slowly towards my home, with absolutely no sound. It was then that I immediately stopped thinking about my neighbor.

When the lights had slowly passed over my neighbor’s home and were now over my back yard approaching my home, I stood up and walked off the patio and into my back yard as the lights slowly now went over me. Approximately 2 minutes had passed from the time I first saw the lights.

As I looked up I saw that the area behind the lights was black and suddenly looked like a very dark roof over my yard. It was then that I suddenly saw a red light over the top of me, approximately 6 feet in diameter, with what looked like a glass cover that looked almost like the exterior of a golf ball, although I did not see the red light come on.

With the red light on directly over me I noticed that the light was not moving and that the front of the craft was just barely over the roof of my home and the rear of the craft was completely over my yard. It was now obvious that the craft was not moving.

It was then that a noise was coming from the craft that was so loud I immediately looked at the ground and covered my ears. It was still very loud. I was immediately thinking that the whole block has to be hearing this and my wife is definitely coming out.

The noise sounded like a combination of high wind and a high pitched engine sound.

When I looked at the door of my home I did not see my wife coming out. When I saw that I ran to the door, stuck my head in, and told my wife quickly to come out side and see this, not describing what “this” is. She said that she is busy doing Sudoku, a form of cross word puzzle. I told her to come outside and I left the glass door open.

The noise was still loud as I watched all of a sudden the red light start to move toward my roof. I ran back to the glass door and yelled at my wife to get outside and see this craft that’s over our home. It was then I was wondering why she could not hear this loud noise.

My wife immediately got up and ran out the door meeting me quickly. Everything was completely silent again and I could not see the red light under the craft any more as it moved forward.

My wife’s first view of the craft that I was seeing happened when the rear end of the craft was only now about 10 feet in front of us. My wife and I simply watched the rear of the craft move silently and very slowly to the front of our home. There it stopped.

My wife and I simply were silently just standing about 30 feet from the craft. The craft just silently stayed there about 5 to 10 minutes. On the bottom rear of the craft we saw 2 red lights spaced about 10 feet from each other and a craft height of about 6 feet.Then the craft started moving again with no sound and very slowly away from us.

The strange thing is I do not, for some reason, remember how it left. My wife says the craft just disappeared.

After the craft was gone my wife and I went back to the patio and talked about this event for about ten minutes and then didn’t again for a very long time, not even to our families.

I must say that due to the craft being so low I could not see the width of the entire craft and from the rear the front large lights were not even visible. I also believe that the sound I was hearing was just in my head as my wife, even with the door open, did not hear any sound.

I also state that there were no neighbors that even came out as the craft was hovering over me for that length of time and making that loud noise or just hovering in front of our home with absolutely no movement nor sound.

Total time of this event was approximately 15 minutes.

For the 3 years that followed this event I have had: Severe left ear infections and scabs that totally covered my left ear and back of my neck, and at times the left side of my face.

Eye problems with swollen and red eye skin.

This year my mind stopped remembering names and various things.

October 2010 I had brain surgery after a tumor was found in my brain and then removed. It was then that the surgeon said he was not familiar with this kind of tumor and it had to be submitted to be investigated.

It is called Glioblastoma Multiforme and I was told that most people die within 14 months which is December 2011 for me. I am not most people.

I am sending this because I do wonder why this is killing me at the age of 54, and what is the primary cause my coming death. Doctors do not know why this cancer starts.

I wonder about November 8th, 2007. I have told my doctors this and my surgeons.

I have worked as a Production Planner for 23 years providing Weapon Systems to the United States Army, Marines, and the Armed Forces of Israel. My wife works for the same company as a Senior Quality Analyst and has for 21 years.


((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))