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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/8/2010 17:45 (Entered as : 11/08/2010 17:45)
Reported: 11/8/2010 5:43:27 PM 17:43
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Alachua, FL
Shape: Cross
Duration: 10 minutes
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
X Shaped UFO With Clean Red Flame Along Underside; Underside lit up then it was gone.

Date of Sighting: 08 Nov 2010
Approx Time of Sighting: 5:45 PM
Location: South of Alachua Florida
Weather conditions: Clear no clouds in the sky

Driving on County Road 235 southbound (2 passangers, 1 driver) My wife was driving us to Newberry, FL, on County Road 235. There has been a time change here, so it gets a little darker than usual, (no stars were visible only the moon) as it was still light out and I could see a crescent moon was shining. I spotted what I thought to be an airplane and followed it I thought it was a little odd as it kept the same shape like a plane, I saw a red bright light flash once for 3 seconds (I thought it might be the sun reflecting off the structure) as it proceeded to pass from right to left on a similar path with the car and it was in appeared to be in-front of the car. It took about 4 minutes for this to occur. It was directly in front of the car by 500-600 feet at about 300 feet high. You could make out a plane shape, but it seemed a little odd as the front of the plane looked like an arrow head.

The was no smoke trails or anything and the object seemed to be high up but for the size of the plane shape it seemed odd that it looked so large. I am familiar with aerial aircraft.

The next thing I notice is an object at a 45 degree angle from us. The original plane object is gone. The new object was right of the moon and appeared to be hovering or hardly moving. (to the right of the car about 200 feet out and 300 feet up hovering) It was not a plane shape but an X shape object. By all account I would think it was a plane until It lite up along the bottom like a burner on a stove, It looked like a giant fire donut the same size as the object underneath ;and about half as thick as the object itself. It looked to be like an X shape. It was not some reflection from the sun as it was too bright, like a bright pinkish/red glow of a torch. It hurt your eyes to look at the flame part. My daughter was in the back seat looking at it as I pointed it out that something strange was in the sky. We watched it (3-4 seconds) as it powered up with a clean burning flame on the bottom then a tree blocked our view and 2 secs later it was gone. (The bottom lit up, 4 trees blocked our view, and looked and it was gone.) No planes could be seen in the sky or surrounding area I had a view of 50 degrees or so.

I know this sounds odd, but I got the feeling what I was looking at was not there. The image of the x shape craft looked dark and shimmery, but the fire burner shape flame underneath was the clear part of the craft. I know what flares look like in the sky, I know what helicopters look like, and I know what jets and planes look like. This was something that could hover and shoot a clean flame underneath. It seemed to be like powered up. It was like seeing a fluorescent sign. It was really bright. I dont' see how anyone could of missed it.

I tried to disprove or explain what I saw.

About 5 miles in the same direction as the object we later saw a tower (in Newberry) with a red light flashing it was about 75 feet tall. This could not be seen from our vantage point of what we were seeing. About 8 minutes later when we parked at "BackYard BBQ" (where we were eating) we noticed a high flying jet arrived in the area, really high up that left 2 trails. It was flying south.

If the ufo was higher in the sky I might of been able to write it off as a satellite or something but it was only like 300 feet off the ground and not far from our car. My daughter saw this thing as well.

Maybe we have aircraft that has a giant circular engine along the bottom It was like the same length as the object itself no lights could be seen on the object, just the clean flame along the bottom. Then 2 seconds later it is gone from the entire sky view. no clouds nothing but the moon.

Along the road, after you pass a rock plant, there is no businesses or lights and the road follows along the side of rail road tracks.

I am reporting this in the event someone else sees the same thing in the area. I tried to give as much detail as I could.