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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/12/2010 22:20 (Entered as : 07/12/10 22:20)
Reported: 7/15/2010 5:40:21 PM 17:40
Posted: 7/19/2010
Location: Hayward-Trego, WI
Shape: Light
Duration: 45 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object changed color, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Big, Bright, moving light seen for 30 miles in northwest wi for 40 minutes

July 12th, 2010, approximately 10:20 P.M.

I was driving home from work south on Hwy 63 from Hayward, when I noticed a large bright light in the western sky.

The object I saw was about the size of thirty stars put together. It was mostly white with a little trace of red on one side. It was way bigger than any star or planet or plane I had ever seen. It wasnít blinking, and it didnít appear to be moving. It stayed in one spot low in the horizon; Iíd say about twenty five to thirty degrees up.

Baffled, I called my husband who was at home fifteen miles away in Springbrook, WI. I asked him to step outside and tell me what the big object in the sky was. When he asked me the direction, I replied, "Donít worry, you will know when you see it."

It only took a few seconds to see what I was talking about. I asked him, "What is it?" He replied, "I donít know."

When I arrived at home, he was still in our yard watching it through a brake in the tree line. We watched for about 5 seconds, and then it dipped down and to the right about an inch in a swooping motion. I gasped, completely shocked, "Did that just move?!?!?!?" My husband replied, ďYeah, itís been moving the whole time.Ē We stood and watched this thing bounce around and move. It dipped and dived and moved in small circles, almost as if we were watching someone flying a kite with a light on top of it, a kite you could see 20 miles away, with no wind. Several times we had to move a few steps left or right because it would move behind the tops of the pine trees.

We called our friend Dan who lives 8 miles west of us in Trego, WI. When he stepped outside, he was stunned. When I was sure that we were not the only ones who could see it. I called 911. I couldnít be sure that whatever it was, it wasnít dangerous.

At about 11:00 it seemed to start heading down in the western horizon and it got gradually smaller, like it was going away from us. At 11:05, we couldnít see it anymore.

It was a clear night and we could see hundreds of stars and satellites, and even an airplane flew by. But none of them moved or looked like this.

I really wish I knew a good solid explanation of what the thing was, and every night, I keep my eyes open to see if it comes back.