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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/29/2010 13:25 (Entered as : 01/29/10 13:25)
Reported: 6/1/2010 1:25:23 PM 13:25
Posted: 6/3/2010
Location: Jefferson, MD
Shape: Oval
Duration: 1-2minutes
Oval shaped object sighted hovering over a field

I was driving down a back road in the afternoon when I felt the urge to direct my attention to the left of me towards a field. My attention was immediately stolen by what looked to be a oval shaped object hovering over the field approximately 200-300ft. in the air (that would be my best guess). The object was not moving, and was not emitting any lights or sounds, but I could tell the object was shiny due to the fact the sun was reflecting off of the object.

As a passed a few trees, and my line of sight was broken, I looked back in the general area only to find the object was gone. I slowed down my car from about 30mph to about 15mph and scanned the sky and the fields that I could see, but the object had disappeared.

I immediately called a friend of mine and told him what I had saw, and asked another friend or two how I could obtain information pertaining to anyone else reporting a strange object in the area. They suggested contacting the county and/or state authorities. My plan is to contact them in the next day or two and ask about any reports of a ‘low flying aircraft’ in the past week. This area hasn’t been known to have many UFO sightings to my knowledge, nor have I witnessed anything like this area here before, but I know I’m am now more intrigued than ever to learn, document, and report any strange sighting or occurrences from this area.

I have sent a sighting report to the HBCC UFO Research as well with the same information I have provided in this report.