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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/7/2010 23:45 (Entered as : 01/07/10 23:45)
Reported: 1/8/2010 11:11:23 AM 11:11
Posted: 2/14/2010
Location: Westbrook, CT
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 2-3 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Very large (747-ish), low flying, slow moving (30-50 mph), and absolutely silent triangular object w/3 lights.

At approximately 11:45 pm on Thursday, January 7, 2010, a co-worker and myself went outside to warm up our vehicles due to the cold weather. As we were starting the vehicles, we both caught sight of an object in the air approximately 1 mile away. We both made reference as to how low the object was, maybe 1-2000 feet in the air. The trajectory of the object was by no means in the direction of any nearby airports, and was flying in an extremely straight path. These things in and of themselves are not entirely out of the ordinary. However, the following statements were mind baffling.

The speed of the aircraft was very slow. Judging from our vantage point, the object appeared to be moving somewhere in the range of 30-50 mph. To say that the object was “probably 2 miles up in the air so it appeared to move slower than it was” does not apply here. If that were the case, then my estimated size of the object would be about 1000 feet wide, as opposed to the large airliner-size that it appeared. There were 3 lights on the object; one on each of the sides, and one near what would be considered the back.

The final piece of information about the object was that it was completely silent. On a clear, cold night in January, with little or no wind to affect the sound, almost any plane in the air is audible to some extent. Not this particular object. Normally with an aircraft at 5 times its height a faint engine roar could still be heard; but totally silent.

We watched the object for a couple of minutes as it slowly made its way off into the distance.

It was not until I got home and started looking online did I realize that I very well might have seen a UFO.