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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/1/2008 04:30 (Entered as : 05/01/08 04:30)
Reported: 11/11/2009 9:46:59 AM 09:46
Posted: 12/12/2009
Location: Kansas City, MO
Shape: Changing
Duration: 2 1/2 hours
Characteristics: The object changed color, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
...out of the white came a boomerang craft "straight forward" and "flipped" on its side ...

I go to bed very late do to insomnia. It was 4:30am and I figured I'd try to get some sleep; upon going to the bedroom I went to the bathroom first. Something told me to look out that window. My eyes looked directly under the tree across the street, which I might add, I live in a development. There I saw hovering about 3-4 feet above the ground which looked to me like sparkly bright orange atoms trying to cling together, shaped in a circular formation.

Well, I thought "hmm" must me a UFO. I hurried to my window behind my bed to see if I could see it from a different prospective. After running around like a crazy woman, I decided to go to the front door. This was the morning before the storm and it was quite windy, but some how I missed it getting daylight. Seems I had missing time; anyway, I looked around and didn't see it, then my eyes were drawn upward, above my neighbors house across the street only this time it was white, and it seemed to be dancing in mid air.

It definately knew that I was watching it and I knew it was watching me. It moved left to right and right to left, upward and inward, then came to a dead stop. It was about 2-3 houses high and hovered just by the brim of the tree tops. Then, suddenly, it started to back upward slowly real high like a dot in the sky.

At that point I thought "Oh, is a plane coming?" yet there was no sound. Then I heard a plane, and it passed over in front of it. After it passed, guess what? The ufo came slowly back down, right in the same exact spot in front of my house! By this time it was a few minutes after 6am or 1800, as I ran to try to find my camera, I don't own a camcorder. Franticly, and unfortunately, I couldn't locate it. (Later that day, I found it in the spot I was looking).

My husband was sleeping on the couch and I tried to wake him up twice, for some unknown reason I couldn't wake him. Back down the stairs I go. It was glowing from behind it a bluish and amber color and there was a red dot to the right of it. The neighbors were leaving for work and yet didn't see this! Then I had the idea to see if I could play with it, because thatís how close it was and I felt a connection with it. I started bending my body in different directions at the waist, and each time the ufo would move in that direction.

The feeling that overwhelmed me was a feeling of love, understanding and peace and just an abundant amount of love to the point tears started rolling down my cheeks.

Then I thought, "Stop playing with my head and show me your craft." I heard a hummmmm and then it stopped, and the white ufo came even down closer below the tree line and between the roofs of my neighbors two houses and poooff, out of the white came a boomerang craft "straight forward" and "flipped" on its side (as if you were making a peace sign with your fingers). Let me tell you, I remember it happened so quickly, that I gasped! Then I said "Thank you, you have a very nice craft now don't hurt yourself." (lol). I know it sounds crazy, but itís the gods honest truth. I used 'rule of thumb, to measure' at arms width.

Then after standing on its side and me eyeballing it for a good minute or so, like it was showing me its metallic etched craft it flipped back down and went backwards and into a white light again. AMAZING. It backed up, going higher and higher in the SAME spot as it did when the plane passed over, and out of sight. Since that sighting I have seen numerous crafts and strange sightings that would knock your socks off. I'm so glad I finally found a website for Missouri sightings.

Additional information: I forgot to mention something that may be of importance to document. After my sighting, my eyes were burning, inside and outside. I spoke of this to my family.

That night I took my glasses off and my daughter and law let out a yell, "Oh my God, your eyes are all pink" I looked in the mirror and low and behold ALL around my eye lids and corners of eyes looked as if they were sun burned. My girlfriend said that the red light I saw on the craft must have been some sort of laser, and that they gave me a lasor treatment; for the next week after that I was seeing "Colors" HUGE blots of burgandy and black while sitting on my patio, everywhere I looked. So, I went to the eye doctor, told him of the incident. He gave me every test available and said that it was unbelievable that there was no change in my right eye which I am legally blind in, usually it disintegrates at a rapid pace. To be honest it felt like I could see better.

Report received by Missouri Investigators Group -

((NUFORC Note: We express our sincere gratitude to the MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP, and to its Director, BARBARA BECKER, for their having shared this report with our Center. If you have had a sighting in Missouri, please consider contacting that organization, at the website above, to share your sighting with their investigators, in addition to submitting a report to NUFORC. Thank you!! PD))