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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/27/2008 04:30 (Entered as : 04/27/08 04:30)
Reported: 3/6/2009 3:35:57 PM 15:35
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Queensland (Australia),
Shape: Disk
Duration: 10 min
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object, The object changed color, There were electrical or magnetic effects
4 witnessed light in the sky come down to us and disappear on island in Great Barrier Reef

I wanted to put into writing what happened to me and a group of friends on a night I can’t forget. It was the last night of a vacation me and some friends from my university took to an island just south of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. Most of the group was tired from a full day of sight seeing and swimming, but four of us stayed up to watch the sunrise.

We were on a large sand island called Fraser island just of the eastern coast of Queensland. It was about a half hour before the sun would rise over the water on the horizon, so we decided to wait under the stars. There was about a half moon so the lighting was dim, not pitch dark. It was however fairly cloudy, and when the clouds opened up we could see the countless amount of stars behind them.

We were laying back in the sand when my friend Adam pointed out an unusually bright star out over the horizon. We were all running through ideas of what it could be. We thought it may have been a star glowing through an opening in the clouds, but after looking at it it was clear this light was below the clouds. It was unusually close to the horizon and we though it may have been a light house, but we were certain there was no land off the island. We figured that it had to be a plane or a helicopter, but for a couple minutes the light didn’t move at all.

Shortly after, the light was gone. We shrugged it off as strange but a couple minutes later we noticed it was back. This time it seemed to be a little higher than it was before. I was pointing out how weird this all was to everyone drawing our attention to it. Then, all of sudden the light moved in a right-up-right motion, similar to Pac-Man.

At this point I started yelling and screaming that this couldn’t be a helicopter, there’s no way this thing is a plane. I continued to yell “What the Hell is that!? And pointed at it when we all witnessed the light make two motions at an angle down to just above the surface of the water where the ocean met the horizon.

As we watched this white circular orb, it seemed to change shape, kind of elongating in a way and changing to a greenish color and then back to white. We were watching it in shock when it, as I can best describe, projected itself at us. It was similar to when a light is coming at you from inside a night club or from a distant laser pen. We could see the light now coming towards us. This thing was clearly coming straight towards us at an incredible rate. I had my eyes fixed on it except when it looked like something whizzed past us left to right on the beach. It then felt like the light that was being projected toward me was going up and down over my eyes as I was staring at it.

In a matter of seconds, this orb, which was now a dim gray came in quickly, floating just above the water. It followed the contour of the terrain stay just feet over the water, then the sand, slowing as it approached.

As I saw it coming in, I was petrified in fear. I was yelling and pointing “ITS COMING RIGHT UP HERE!” As it came in the four us all backpedaled, completely shocked. This thing made absolutely no sound, but we were all very aware of its presence. The air seemed to be electrified, as if there was some kind of electrical charge in the air.

It was about ten feet high, and about 4 feet in diameter. It looked similar to a disk only flipped up like a tire or a snail shell. I could clearly see its outline as it approached, but very strangely, I was able to see through it. The best way I could describe it was as if it were cloaked, similarly to the Predator in the film with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

All four of us backed up terrified, stunned, too scared to run. As we moved back, the object gradually decelerated to a stop right above the sand where we had just been sitting. I remember asking my friends in a yelling whisper ”What the FUCK is that??” I reached for my camera and tried to take a photo of it. We sat there silently for maybe not even ten seconds, when I could no longer make out its outline. Then, suddenly a very bright pulse of light above us lit up the beach. I say pulse because it was very quick, unlike a lighting bolt or camera flash, rather it was a quick ‘bing’ of light that could’ve been missed if you blinked. The moment after the flash of light, the energy in the air dropped.

DISCLAIMER **At this point, everything became VERY strange. I will tell the rest of what happened that night exactly the way it happened from my perspective. Two of my friends remain skeptical. To this day I can’t forget what happened.** As soon as the object was gone, we started asking each other what it was and where the light came from. Before we could even start to come up with answers for each other, we noticed a group of people suddenly standing down the beach from us maybe 100 yards away. We started asking each other how they could have got there. They certainly didn’t walk past us from the left, the only trail down to the beach was behind us, and to the right down the beach the next campground was 9km away. Either they walked through thorny bushes down from where the resort was or they were there the whole time unnoticed, two very unlikely scenarios.

I just had the most unexplainable event of my life just take place, so I told my buddies that we can’t rule out the possibility that those are aliens… One of my friends was so scared all he could say was shut up, don’t say that shit. As we’re trying to figure out how the hell these people got down there, my friend Matt started walking towards them. I was hesitant to go with but when he got about half way I decided I had to check this out for myself.

As we got closer, I could see that there were 8 people facing the horizon. They were all standing in two lines, shoulder to shoulder, in groups of two . We stopped about a rocks throw away and yelled HEY! As we did this, the two standing in the front and one directly behind him simultaneously did a 90 degree about face, much like a soldier or robot. One of them was very tall, and was wearing a black suit, the person in front of him was shorter and very fat in the hips, opposite of an hour glass, and another was very short, maybe two feet tall, about the size of a small child.

“WHO ARE YOU? HOW DID YOU GET DOWN HERE”. I yelled. No response. They just stared at us with dark faces. At this point we were pretty terrified. We had already seen lights in the sky and invisible orbs, now a strange group of silent people moving like robots was staring at us. We could not see there faces. They seemed to be looking down slightly and had shadows over their faces. Keep in mind this is in April in tropical Queensland. We were all in shorts and T’s laying in the sand looking at stars. These people were all fully clothed and standing, staring into a dark horizon with nothing to look at.

I yelled out again “WHERE ARE YOU FROM?” As I did that another did a 90 degree about face and looked at us. Me and Matt jumped and grabbed each other, not knowing who or what we were looking at. This figure was holding a small blue light towards the ground. I could best compare it to a digital camera LCD if a small camera display were on.

We stood there silently when one of the four that had turned towards us suddenly did an about face back to facing the horizon. We had had enough. We started walking back towards our other two friends. We got back to them and started trying to explain how the people were dressed and that they moved robotically, when we noticed one of them was coming towards us.

Initially we were pretty alarmed but I remember thinking well there are four of us and one of him. As he got closer we could see he was no longer coming straight at us but running a path that would cross about 30 feet in front, perpendicular to us. He was running in very short strides, chopping his feet behind his body very quickly, leaning forward. As he got exactly perpendicular to us, he slowly moved an open hand left-to-right in front of his head at about a quarter of the speed he was chopping his feet, as if to waive.

We were all shocked. He seemed to have big gloves on his hands and was wearing a scarf. My friend Matt began chasing after him. As soon as he got close to him, he did an abrupt 180 and began chopping his feet back to where he came from. Nobody new what just happened.

My two friends that had stayed behind said that was it, that was just too weird. They left the beach and went back to our hostel. Me and Matt sat down in the sand trying to figure out what happened. We waited for the light of the sun to come over the horizon, and when it was bright enough to look around, the people were gone.

To this day I can’t explain what I saw. Whatever came down to us from over the ocean was nothing spiritual, it was not a hallucination, all four of us saw it. What I will say with one hundred percent confidence is that what I witnessed was some kind of advanced technology. As far as the figures that showed up, I really don’t know. But if anyone who reads this testimony has had anything similar happen, or can provide any answers I am open to speaking with you…