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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/2/2008 20:51 (Entered as : 04/02/2008 20:51)
Reported: 12/9/2008 8:47:34 AM 08:47
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Jenera, OH
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 3-5 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object made a sound
A rounded triangular object with green lights on the sides and a white blinking light on the back flies over rural Ohio.

At 8:51 pm EST on April 2, 2008 I witnessed a UFO that flew directly over my house. I was very skeptical about UFO's before that day, I am now firmly aware of extra-terrestrial beings. I had just looked out my window when I saw a huge green light coming towards the house. At first it reminded me of an airplane but it was so low it would have made a huge sound. I ran outside and saw a triangular object flying overhead. It came from the South East and was traveling to the North West. This triangle was about 125 feet in the air maybe less and there was barely any noise. The noise that was there sounded like an airplane taking off in a scene in a movie, it was very quiet. It was cruising at about 25-30 mph, almost like it was floating. It was rounded triangle, the edges did not look sharp, and on the two sides there were small green lights, maybe six or more on each side. On the back were five white lights. The middle light was bigger than the others and was flashing a brilliant white light. It was blinding if you looked at it directly. It was not like the blinking lights on a plane. It blinked about once every two seconds. Something else I noticed about the encounter was that my dog was quiet. He barks at vultures above our house and chases them. This object was about 10 times bigger than a vulture and you could hear it more, but he just sat down on the grass, he didn't bark at all which was extremely unusual. This object was also witnessed by my sister and mother. My mother thinks it was a plane from the Dayton Air Base but I do not agree. It wasn't like anything I had ever seen, it was not a plane, and I will firmly stick to that conclusion.

((NUFORC Note: Student report. Probable hoax. PD))