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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/14/1999 03:00 (Entered as : 14/06/99 03.00)
Reported: 11/17/2008 3:52:27 PM 15:52
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Sydney (Australia),
Shape: Other
Duration: 15 minutes
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object
Possible humanoid being sighting/abduction attempt??

((NUFORC Note: We are uncertain as to whether this is intended as a serious report. PD))

I recently stumbled upon your website and decided it time to report one of dozens of sightings in my life. I have witnessed dozens of flying objects as a keen sky observer and budding amateur astrologist.. but can't verify any of them as i always seem to be isolated and alone when it happens and many are most likely space junk causing "shooting star" like objects to fly across the night sky. I've seen dozens of those now.

I once reported to the Australian police a sighting of a perfectly round object hovering above my top floor apartment which appeared to be at least 5 miles wide.. this was ignored.. and I myself quickly wrote it off as just light refractions.

My report here however is not of a UFO but of a being. I had walked out of my home late at night as i was studying.. it was approximately 1999.. so i cannot recall the exact date. The night was still and silent with no wind.

I walked outside my back yard.. and spotted a white figure.. i estimate it to have been 4 feet tall.. and was all white with a subtle glow. I stood in frozen shock as we faced each other off for approximately 3 minutes. We stood only 5 meters apart so I could make out the shape but could not discern a face nor shoes.. it was completely white. In that time the object sat on top of my fence at the rear of my backyard which fell into parkland behind it, and made no effort to run away.. It did not move for the whole time, even as i approached- i got spooked when i was 5 meters away though and stopped purely because this figure did not seem worried by me approaching it.. we faced off for the next 3 long minutes.. and then eventually it slipped over the fence and disappeared. As it slipped away.. it did not make a single sound.. and nor did it make a sound as it left..

The object did not move and as i stood frozen i simply stared at it, thinking it was a burgular. strangely though.. the figure simply disappeared after a few minutes. it did not make a single sound as it did. A burgular hopping off a fence would have made some noise.. and in the dead of night i would have at least heard leaves crunching underfoot.. but in this case there was not a single sound. it simply vanished. the fact it was all white left me to this day with the eery feeling that what i experienced that day was not a burgular but a potential visitor from another world.

I could not see any discernable features other than it was a human type shape.. i did not see arms or legs though.. roughly 4 feet tall.. it seemed to be shaped like a round blob sitting on my fence.. and then like a jelly blob.. it flopped over the fence and disappeared.. it did not make a single noise in doing so and i did not hear a single noise thereafter.

This story is not provable and more for your information than for public publishing.. the area where this happened could even be tested as the fence upon which the figure appeared has not been changed since..

it could have been a potential burgular that night.. but if it was, then it was one highly skilled dude.. because not only was it terribly out of shape and unatheltic looking (it was shaped like Jabba the hut from Star Wars fame) but it managed to completely disappear without making a single sound in the dead of night.. and it seemed to just roll off the back fence..which is 8 feet tall.. also.. if it was a burgular why would it be wearing only white clothing.. they usually wear black..

to this day.. the thought of that night sends a chill up my spine.. so i thought i would report it for documentation on your database.. this happened in a suburb called Ashbury in Sydney's inner city area ( the park is called Wagner Oval) .. a highly populated area but my home backs onto a large park which is where the figure disappeared into. it was also approximately 3am and no one else was on the streets at the time and the park was silent.

my study is at the rear of my house overlooking my yard.. and my lights were always left on throughout the night as i studied for many years.. perhaps that attracted this figure.. a burgular again would have been deterred given that i was active till late all night.. this figure seemed to be sitting there just watching me.. until i noticed it, stared it off from a distance of only 5 meters.. it did not flinch nor seem worried either. it sat there the entire time before disappearing.