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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/13/2008 23:35 (Entered as : 07/13/08 23:35)
Reported: 7/14/2008 1:02:24 AM 01:02
Posted: 8/12/2008
Location: Grants Pass, OR
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 1 minute
UFO heading East flashing bright white light turning Northwest then West as it flashed in a non flashing pattern.

July 14, 2008. 11:35 P.M. Grants Pass, Oregon. While relaxing in the spa and looking into the clear night sky, my friend and I witnessed in the night sky a bright flash of white light strait up in the sky, and then it flashed once again while the craft moved in an Eastward direction in the sky. The craft continued to flash and as it did it moved in a circular pattern first towards the North then towards the West.

The flashing was not in a consistent pattern as conventional aircraft, and the flashes were not all the same in brilliance, some were brighter than others. There were a total of at least 9 flashes of white light and it seemed that after each flash the craft would zip to another position before flashing again. It looked like the flashing had something to do with the crafts propulsion.

The total time we saw the craft until it just disappeared into the sky heading westward was about one minute. The object made no noise as it raced across the sky.