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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/23/2002 23:00 (Entered as : 03/23/02 23:00)
Reported: 7/11/2008 10:58:01 PM 22:58
Posted: 8/12/2008
Location: Colorado, CO
Shape: Unknown
Duration: Two Nights
they took me up in the sky in a "dream"

I don't know where to put this event. But I just read one or two events at that talk about going up in the sky so I'll repeat what happened to me here.

This was a strange night a strange weekend.

I was at a busy event and I was being attacked psychically by a "friend" while at this event. There's a lot of detail around that but it just distorts the event of going into the sky.

Friday night was very strange. The strangest night of my life.

I was in my hotel room with a magazine, painting my nails, watching tv, listening to the radio and smoking a cigarette. Unwinding after a day of being a vendor to a large crowd.

A small form about the size of the "friend" I was meeting at this event appeared in my room. It stood at the left foot of the bed. It was invisible but I could see it somehow - the outline of it.

I wasn't afraid. I was passive. A correct reaction would be to get the blankety-blank thing out of my room.

Instead I kept on doing what I was doing, sometimes looking over at the thing.

I went to bed with that thing still standing there.

I was aware that it was creepy to go to sleep with that thing watching me. But that's what I did. I went to sleep. Immediately. But I really wasn't sleeping.

Right away, I was with my "friend" in a cave with a fire. That "friend" was doing something with the fire, it was somehow negative to me. I didn't really know why I was down there.

Something intervened. I flew into the clouds in the thunderstorm right above this hotel i was staying at. I remember passing through. And there was an allowance to let me through the thunderstorm. It was their given protection to let me through. I remember seeing the whirling clouds up close.

Then I hurled out to space. Sometimes we were in a spaceship, sometimes not. They really didn't let me see them. I was aware that one was male and one was female. There were more at times. We were inside the spaceship looking out or actually out in whatever environment we were in. It was all very natural, very comfortable. I loved them, they loved me. it's like we knew each other all my life.

These were not my grandparents come to meet me. They were something else from up there, way up there.

They took me all over the place. It was fun and marvelous. I let myself forget alot because it was too much.

I remember going to this giant, golden lit building. It was huge. It was like giants lived there. I was facing a giant door. I looked left and right down these giant empty hallways. I was unafraid. They were with me. I couldn't see them.

The ones I was with said "You are here because you can pray like that". I understood that if i prayed, i could get through the giant doors I was standing in front of.

i closed my eyes and prayed. i prayed so hard i put myself in a trance. i became a white light radiating love energy. there was another white light with me.

i stayed in this state of being in a trance and being a white light for both nights - friday and saturday - all night in my "sleep". They brought me up there so I would be safe from the attack happening to me.

it was weird waking up each morning. i would wake directly from being a white light. as soon as i woke up, i was wide awake and i would think "how can i be this wide awake since I've just been up all night?" on sunday night in my hotel room, i was afraid to sleep because i didn't understand what had happened the two nights before. i understood that with my "friend" gone, i was safe. but still i refused to sleep and finally slept at daylight.

i had a difficult reaction from the attack and from what i seen out there when i was up in the universe. i had more than panoramic vision, it was like all around my head vision at certain points. i couldn't look at the sky for a while.

i was constantly dreaming about the sky. one time i dreamt i was showing the sky my artwork. i was in utter blackness in deep space. they really liked my artwork. it didn't feel like a dream, it is a memory.

then i realized i was putting my self in a trance in my sleep as i had the sensation of rocking back and forth in spirit form. praying and rocking can induce trance.

they let me know when they are overhead. i get a really strong sensation from them. it's really nice. they really like me. one time, something came really strong but i told them i was afraid so they stopped.

it really changed me, this experience. i am alot more psychic, i always have been but now i tend to have psychic experiences with others more often.

someone seen me walking, running around while my body slept (at the same time, i was dreaming i was doing exactly what they seen me doing), i seen a ufo with my dad a few years later, me and my dog seen a small lighted circle in the yard last year, we also heard a dog bark in the small room we were in where there was no other dog and then this year in may i seen a big green line in the sky created by something traveling north to south.

((NUFORC Note: One of many reports from same source. PD))