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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/24/2006 02:55 (Entered as : 12/24/06 2:55)
Reported: 6/1/2008 11:50:36 AM 11:50
Posted: 6/12/2008
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 15 seconds
Characteristics: The object left a trail, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object made a sound, There were electrical or magnetic effects
Ultra-fast fly-by of 2 ufo's with associated light, noise, energy, electrical interference, UV radiation

I swear this account is entirely accurate and 100% honest based on my unforgettable recollection and account made immediately after the event. I would testify to this in a court of law before God. Myself, Philip Burke, and Wesley Jinks, all eagle scouts and college students, witnessed strikingly similar events.

I won the poker game and we stepped outside so Phil could smoke a cigarette. Phil was smoking under the porch by the basement sliding door. Wesley was walking back from his car after getting his wallet so he could pay up for his poker loss and was turning the southeast corner of the house when this incident began. I was completely sober because the antibiotics Iím taking react violently with alcohol. It was between 2:55 and 3:00 AM, December 24th, 2006. I was centered on the east edge of my back patio off the basement. I was looking almost directly up at the northeast sky at maybe a 75 degree angle, attempting to look for the stars. It was evenly overcast that night with no rain and very little wind, about 40 degrees F and relatively calm outside. Very low level clouds in even formation meant that no stars could be seen. All three of us encountered two distinct identical waves of energy that streaked the sky with associated noise, light, and perceptible electric and magnetic energy unlike anything we had ever seen, heard or felt in our experience.

I consider myself to have a sharp perceptional awareness and to be in touch with my senses. I was once missed by a lightning strike by 10 feet in a rainstorm and felt incredibly jolted, but this experience shocked or jolted me electrically ten times more than this previous lightning incident. I could tell the pulse was also very magnetic in nature, having had an MRI less than two months ago, and several in the past two years. I was mid sentence and went instantly silent when I was frozen by a sudden blast of energy coming from the sky. The blast originated in the west-northwest sky and moved east-southeast, crossing the entire sky from horizon to horizon in maybe two seconds, no idea as to altitude. There was initially no light associated with this blast, only pure energy. I could feel this energy. It coursed through my body. It felt like a concentrated pulse of electric and magnetic energy. This wave of energy that hit my body felt like the rush from jets doing a low altitude fly-by at an air show, only instead of wind, it was a burst of electric and magnetic energy that grew gradually, drastically spiked, then trailed off. As this pulse moved directly over my head it seemed to convey my entire body with it in the direction of its path. It was strongest at this point. I was frozen still in fear and my upper body wavered east-southeast as if I were getting pushed and pulled at the same time, only nothing physically touched me except energy. I moved my foot to keep myself from being pushed over, otherwise I feel as if I would have been knocked down.

As this pulse approached, the associated noise quickly turned from a low drone or buzz to a tinny screech that was deafeningly loud for a fraction of a second then returned to a low drone. It was louder than anything Iíve ever heard for that brief fraction of a second when it seemed to pass overhead. I covered my ears but kept my eyes wide open. As this pulse approached and the drone got louder, the sky filled with an ambiance of alternating green and blue waves that seemed to radiate linearly and at short regular intervals out from the path of travel of this pulse. The waves lit the overcast sky more and more brightly during the pulseís rapid approach, like they were being projected on the clouds from above the cloud ceiling. The brightness approached the brightness of day but everything around me had an eerie blue-green cast. An instant after the noise got unbearable, immediately as it began to subside, the entire sky filled with an array of every color in the visible spectrum for a brief instant, brighter than anything I have ever seen in the atmosphere, including the light of day at high noon. At this point I was facing east, looking up at a 45 degree angle. It seemed as if the pulse just passed. The sky was splotched with every color in the spectrum shining on the clouds in an instant dazzling array, predominately oranges and reds. It seemed as if a 3D electric matrix of visible fine lightning-like electricity filled the sky and approached from the east, went over my head. This matrix of many hundreds of tiny electric bolts, blue green in color, may have entered the lightning rods of my house. This is unclear because my eyes were still recovering from the brightness of the flash. The previous blue green waves mentioned may have lasted two seconds and grown in intensity, but this rainbow colored flash with the electrical matrix lasted maybe a quarter of a second. The power in the house then went off completely with no associated surge or fade. It just cut out then came back on about a second later. ! The neig hborís floodlight remained on. All was calm and quiet for a second or two and my fear caused me to begin to turn towards the house to seek cover as I still looked at the sky.

I then remembered Wesley was out front and I stayed outside to see if he saw anything. As he was approaching from the southeast corner of the house, maybe 75 feet away, ALL OF WHAT I HAVE RECOLLECTED THUS FAR WAS REPEATED IDENTICALLY, only we were paying closer attention to the sky now, so it seemed more extreme. Iím uncertain whether it was or not. Both sets of pulses, flashes, buzzes, and power outages occurred in maybe ten or twelve seconds total. During the hour following this incident my ears hurt as if I had been at a rock concert that lasted for a week. My eyes hurt like I just walked out of a pitch black cave and stared at the sun. The cable TV and internet did not work until the next day. Once I regained my footing after the first blast, I felt like I was in instant shock, not from disbelief but from the actual energy inside me. I felt like I was filled to the brim with free electrons. My heart rate instantaneously spiked to its maximum and stayed there for quite some time. My body did sort of a hormonal dump, not quite like going into shock, but similar. It felt wonderful and terrible, as I imagine trying crack cocaine for the first time would be. These feelings gradually normalized over the course of two hours.

Immediately after we came inside following the second pulse, we all confirmed something very, very weird just happened. I insisted no one speak of it and we all write separate personal accounts. Before we started writing, I ventured back outside and gazed at the sky for a couple minutes to find out if I could see anything else. The once thick cloud cover had opened to a strip of clear sky. This strip of clear sky was bordered by parallel lines of cloud cover on each side. The strip of clear sky appeared exactly where I sensed the two blasts had traveled horizontally through the sky from west northwest to east southeast. It looked as if the strip was opened by parting winds in opposite directions in the atmosphere. It stretched from horizon to horizon. I noticed Phil had dropped a lit cigarette on the ground. As I gathered paper I felt like I was on a mild dose of ten different drugs at once and my heart rate would not move from its peak. Wesley agreed to write an account, but Phil was ghost white and looked like he was about to have a heart attack. He noticed the cable TV signal had been lost (it worked fine before this incident) and opted for bed instead.

Wesley and I did not speak to each other at all as we wrote, and only when we both finished did the results appear incredibly similar in every detail. While writing, I tried to relax and slow my racing pulse. As I did this, I experienced a euphoric pain free sensation originating in my spine and neck. I felt like I was five years old physically, except my heart ached like I was 80. As I wrote from maybe 3:10 AM to 4:30 AM this euphoric feeling gradually shifted from my spine to my muscles where I experienced major muscle relaxation. It seemed as if the electricity left me in waves starting at my core that rapidly moved to the surface. Each wave lasted about four seconds, and there must have been hundreds of them. As these hundreds of individual waves of electricity made it to the skin, I would get the strongest goosebumps Iíve ever had and my hair would stand on end, noticeably on my arms. The feeling of muscle relaxation progressed to the point where I collapsed with my arms and chest on the table for about ten minutes where I could not write.

I was motionless, simply enjoying the feeling when I was suddenly overcome by a strange migraine centered immediately behind my right ear near the surface of the skin. It was intense and piercing, and caused me to pick myself up, no longer experiencing any positive feeling symptoms. This migraine was very short lived and disappeared completely after only a couple of minutes. I have no history of headaches and have been routinely staying awake until 2-4 AM for about a month straight, so I felt no undue fatigue during any of this whole experience. The headache was enough to convince me I should go to bed. I tried to think about other things and eventually fell asleep. I slept through the night and woke up the next day with a sunburn on my face and hands, with redness and mild pain. My medication makes me very sensitive to UV radiation and I have been avoiding the sun completely. I ate breakfast, but could not keep it down. The cable TV came back on suddenly at about noon. Let me know what you think. THIS WAS THE WEIRDEST OF THE WEIRD.