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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/15/2006 00:00
Reported: 1/20/2008 6:52:21 PM 18:52
Posted: 1/21/2008
Location: Dell City, TX
((NUFORC Note: We have requested that the source of the reports below re-submit them individually. PD))

Although I myself have not seen a UFO, members of my family and friends have had various types of sightings. To the best of my knowledge, only one has ever been reported (July 2006 in Virginia). I feel that perhaps some of these stories may be helpful in collaborating other sightings. All of these individuals are down to earth, honest, and intelligent, and have no reason to fabricate.

The July 2006 sighting that my son’s half sister and her boyfriend reported: They saw an extremely large triangular shaped object over her boyfriend’s rural home in Virginia. It moved slowly, also with no noise. It was in the evening and had lights. They watched it for several minutes and when it seemed to notice them, it shone a light over them. They were also completely frightened by it.

The following is a list of other sightings; exact dates are unknown.

Early 60’s – my sister and brother drove over a hill on a farm road outside Dell City, Texas, and stopped when they found gigantic tumbleweed blocking the road. As they were trying to decide if they could go around it, it suddenly lifted noiselessly off the ground and slowly rose straight up, then shot across the sky. It happened in broad daylight, they were very frightened by it, and their story has never changed over the years.

1995 – a niece and nephew spotted an extremely large triangular object moving slowly over Las Cruces, NM, and followed it for some time. It appeared to follow the Rio Grande River, moving from south to north. It was nighttime, was lighted around the perimeter, and had a low hum. They also noted several military helicopters in the area that also appeared to be following it. My nephew is now an English professor at the DABCC of New Mexico State University.

Early 80’s – a good friend who was living on a ranch outside Tatum, NM told me of seeing an extremely large object over their ranch home. It occurred around dusk, and her teenage daughter and two of her teenage girlfriends also saw it. As it was told to me, the daughter and a friend were sitting outside waiting for another girlfriend to arrive when the object suddenly came over a nearby hill and hovered over their home. The girls ran in and told the mother (my friend) who was on the phone with her husband. My friend told her husband to hold on, and put the phone down while they all went outside to look at it. As the other girlfriend’s approaching car became visible in the distance, the object suddenly sped over to the car and followed it to the house. The girls were completely hysterical and as they watched, the object suddenly went straight up and across the sky. It had some lights and moved noiselessly. When my friend told my husband and I this story, her husband confirmed it, as he had heard them all screaming while he was holding on the phone.

1998 – another one of my four sisters also encountered something mysterious, possibly a UFO. She was driving on Interstate 25, from her home just north of Las Cruces, NM to the university for a class she was taking when she noticed a small blue ball flying alongside her car. At first she thought it was a reflection, but then it started to move around her car. It continued to follow her car for some distance and it freaked her out completely. When she got off the Interstate ramp at the University she drove straight to another sister’s home a few blocks away. This other sister confirms her story and says it took a long time to calm her down. She and her husband had to drive her home.

August – 2007 My son, who is 36 and a schoolteacher, and his mother-in-law both saw what they describe as a “large invisible object” cross the early evening sky. They noticed this invisible object because it blocked out the emerging stars as it crossed the sky. As it moved slowly and noiselessly across the sky, they could note the triangular shape. They also noted some military helicopters in the area right after the sighting.

I also have a cousin who is a missile guidance engineer at White Sands Missile Range who has told me on that he has been present on several occasions when pilots have returned from flights and reported seeing UFO’s. On these occasions, if any photos or videos were taken, there is always a group of government personnel (unknown dept.) who show up and confiscate the photos or video.