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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/30/2007 14:25 (Entered as : 09/30/07 14:25)
Reported: 11/24/2007 9:28:55 AM 09:28
Posted: 11/28/2007
Location: Fort Washington, PA
Shape: Unknown
Duration: various
Daytime sighting two or three objects

30 September 2007 Nikon 10x25, 5º binoculars Three objects These objects were ‘noticed’ in the background as I was watching other objects. Planes birds etc.

~ 14:25 Whitish / Bluish object seen with binoculars for about 30 seconds viewed toward the West at ~ 75º elevation, lost view when I moved my position slightly. Traveled about 1-2 inches (arms length) toward the SE.

The object was ‘self illuminating’ and not reflective. The object was spherical and illuminated ‘white’ from the center outward. The color changed gradually to a bright blue at the well defined circumference. This blue color must have been quite intense due to the fact that the normal blue of the cloudless sky appears quite dull/dark in my binoculars. This object was most likely not visible to the unaided eye. This was the most interesting of objects seen thus far during my daytime viewing.

~ 14:27 Attempting to relocate the object above, I saw a ‘whitish’ object in the same general area. The object was not highly reflective. The exact form is uncertain. It was not well defined; however it had the shape of a rectangle if I were to guess.

I followed the object in a somewhat southerly direction. The previous blue object appeared within the ‘field of view’ (fov) for a few seconds. I continued to follow the 2nd object for 2-3 min. It traveled ~ 5-6 inches (arms length). Due to the apparent altitude of this object and the one below, the exact form and shape are uncertain. I’m not certain why I did not return to viewing the ‘bluish’ object rather than the ‘white’ object ? Again, this object and the one below were most likely not visible to the unaided eye.

~ 14:35 3rd object. Identical to the 2nd object. I viewed it for 6-7 min. traveling at a relatively slow pace as above. It suddenly began to pick up speed and began to travel in a SW direction. I maintained sighting of the object as I backed 15 feet toward the NE in order to maintain view. This movement was required due to tree obstruction. The objects acceleration increased to the point that I was required to run beyond the tree obstruction. When attempting to relocate after moving to a new viewing location about 30 feet to the SW, I think I found the object, however it appeared to be accelerating at a rapid rate and appeared to be droping in altitude to point of losing sight. This last view is uncertain.

15:00 as perspective: Four (2 blue / 2 white) balloons, visible w/o binoculars as a single object toward the North at about 75 º. Balloons traveled ~ 12-14 inches (arms length) over a period of 25 min. As they traveled toward the West, they ascended to an altitude during this period where they were not visible w/o binoculars. (later ID'd as typical "Caldwell Banker' grouping of 'open-house' balloons)