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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/14/2007 20:17 (Entered as : 11/14/07 20:17)
Reported: 11/14/2007 9:42:44 PM 21:42
Posted: 11/28/2007
Location: San Diego, CA
Shape: Changing
Duration: 15 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
A craft exhibiting a bay of red lights flew in from over the Pacific, hovered for several minutes, then flew off into spa

We live in San Diego, just west of Lindberg International Airport. We are used to seeing all different types of aircraft flying by and around our home: small private planes, jumbo jetliners, military aircraft, helicopters, etc. Never have we seen anything like we saw on this night.

As my wife and I were planning our Thanksgiving dinner, I glanced out a window facing west. I noticed a craft flying in from over the ocean and at first thought nothing of it. After taking a second look, I couldn’t help but notice the uniqueness of this craft. It displayed lights of a shade of red that I have never seen before on any craft. Also, the initial shape of this craft appeared to be rectangular, and it flew perpendicular to the ground. The more I watched this object, the more curious I became.

I picked up a pair of binoculars to get a closer look. I thought perhaps I could discern a clearer shape. However, viewing it through the glasses did not prove any better than viewing it with the naked eye. All I could make out was that it seemed to be a flying bay of lights.

Fully engaged, I walked outside to continue following the path of this object and attempt to detect any sort of noise. At this point, the craft quietly morphed into a spherical shape. When it appeared to stop its forward progression, I called to my wife to have a look. Begrudgingly, she came outside, but within minutes, she too was enthralled with this craft. It quietly hovered for several minutes then began to move slowly toward the west and gain in altitude. After some small flashes, it continued to fade into the night sky and was gone.