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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/13/2007 20:45 (Entered as : 11/13/07 20:45)
Reported: 11/13/2007 7:18:00 PM 19:18
Posted: 11/28/2007
Location: Sumrall, MS
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 5 min
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Triangle shaped craft producing no sound in my back yard.

I opened the sliding glass doors to look out of the back of the house. I looked to the East and saw a set of yellow lights and one flashing red light. It appeared to be circular in shape when I first witnessed it.

I then called my wife and son to look so I would have witnesses. As they looked the craft came closer and I could see that it was triangular in shape.

It was just above the treetops and made absolutely no noise. It was approximately two football fields away from my house.

During this time we phoned my mother and she also saw the craft. Then as it moved it banked sharply and changed course heading back the way it came.

We called the sheriffs office and asked it any one else had reported it. We were not surprised to find out others had indeed reported it as well.

I am used to seeing air craft in the area but none that come this close with out the sounds of an engine.