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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/28/2007 03:26 (Entered as : 10/28/07 3:26)
Reported: 10/29/2007 2:56:40 AM 02:56
Posted: 11/28/2007
Location: Michigan City, IN
Shape: Other
Duration: 30 Seconds
Blacked-out, silent wing-shaped object flying at approximately 1500 feet/300 knots over Lake Michigan

I was just leaving the police station where I work to resume patrolling. I work midnight shifts (5:30 pm to 5:30 am). I have never previously seen what I would consider a UFO. NOTE: I do have extensive aircraft observation time, as when I was stationed in Iraq in 2005, my unit was positioned in a location very close to the airfield.

The object came into my peripheral vision from the right. I was standing facing due-north. At first I assumed it was a bird, but when I began visually observing it, it was obvious that it was wasn't, as it had a smooth, man-made appearance. Also, it was obvious that it was fairly far off and at a much higher altitude than one would expect to see a bird. This is especially true since in the region in which I live, during this time of the year there is little bird activity, especially at night.

The object appeared to be flying at an altitude of around 1500 feet and at an slightly oblique angle to me. It appeared not much smaller than a C130 at that altitude, but I could not make out a fuselage, etc., that one would expect to see on an aircraft.

The object moved rapidly, much faster than a helicopter - perhaps several hundred miles an hour. It appeared to bank to the left (north-west) as it passed in front of me. It was an extremely smooth banking turn and the full wing shape became quite visible at that time. As it reached full bank (object perpendicular to the ground), I lost sight as it passed behind a building. Due to the my angle of observation, that's the last I saw of it.

The object was gray in color. It blended well with the cloudless night sky (especially as effected by urban light pollution). There were no visible markings. Intriguingly, the object made no sound. At that distance, if it were an aircraft like a C130, one would have definitely heard the engine drone clearly. Also, there was no jet sound as one would expect to hear from a jet flying so close. I thought that, as in the case of an A-10, I might hear the sound after the craft had passed overhead. I heard no sounds.

The flight characteristics exhibited seemed to indicate it was an aircraft. But as previously stated, it lacked a fuselage, any markings and was completely blacked-out. There were no lights of any kind visible. Furthermore, the object left no contrail. I am, as one might expect, fascinated by what I saw. But I certainly cannot explain it. Though it exhibited some aircraft flight characteristics, I could not identify it as any aircraft I've ever seen (in person or through research).