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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/10/2006 13:35 (Entered as : 12/10/06 13:35)
Reported: 2/4/2007 1:33:24 PM 13:33
Posted: 2/24/2007
Location: Muncie, IN
Shape: Disk
Duration: 2 to 3 minutes
Two yellow disks adjacent with a silver white probe/extension from lead disk

High altitude UFO over central Indiana Date: 12/10/2006 Time: 1:35 PM Sky conditions: Blue sky with isolated cirrus clouds I was in my backyard and looked up. WNW at approximately 80 degrees elevation, I saw a slow moving light (or sunlight reflection). With 7x50 binocs, you could see two yellow disks tangent to each other. A silver white probe extended out from the lead disk in the direction of motion (toward the NE). The probe like extension was about the length of the two disks diameters. There was also another shorter extension parallel to the silver white one.

The objects were in view for approximately 2 to 3 minutes until they were hidden by cirrus clouds in the NE. During the sighting, a commercial jet airliner flew over from East to West. The UFO appeared to be much higher than the jet. Because the UFO was above the cirrus cloud when it “disappeared”, and because of the resolution in the binocs, it’s my opinion this was a huge object or objects at very high altitude (60,000 to 70,000 feet).

It is possible that the two disks could have been spheres, but they looked like disks to me.