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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/3/2006 18:30 (Entered as : 12/3/2006 18:30)
Reported: 12/26/2006 5:36:52 PM 17:36
Posted: 2/1/2007
Location: South St. Paul, MN
Shape: Light
Duration: 2.5 hrs
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object left a trail, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object emitted beams, The object changed color
Green lights from georgia to Minnesota?

May be related to the Georgia Green Light Case. We left the BP Gas station near the intersection of US HWY 10 and Jamaica Ave S in Cottage Grove, MN At approx 1830 hrs. We were headed NW direction on US HWY 10 from Cottage Grove, MN towards St. Paul, MN. As we were driving past the exit for 80th St and US Hwy 10 the sky above the refinery became visible. The sky was overcast, dark and a fine mist was in the air, the temperature was above freezing, perhaps in the low 40s. My daughter Kourtney (14) and I (34-M) were in the front seat while my son Chris (12) was in the back of our Durango SUV. My daughter and I could see a distinct Green Light that appeared to be sourced within the clouds or a bit below, shining down, and flashing as if taking pictures.

The light was a dull Green color that repeatedly flashed sometimes from slightly different positions over the Marathon refinery. This green beam was a dull color that did not reveal its source. We could see only the hint of a shadow with no definete outline. The mist helped to show the definete beam shape ( like a spotlight) as it aimed for the ground.

As each flash of the light occured, the vapor that was in the "beam" during the flash became charged and glowed like an Ionized gas. These towers or columns of light (possibly ionized gas or mist)remained much brighter than the source that appeared to be creating them. In the three to four minutes that it takes to drive towards the refinery we saw perhaps ten to fifteen formed.

As we got closer to the refinery the columns of light/ gas floated away from the refinery in an eastern direction at the wind speed. I would estimate this to be about fifteen to twenty miles an hour with a lower elevation of approximately 1500 feet and a terminal elevation of 2000 feet. they were that tall...

Also the lights seemed to be overpowered by the refineries bright tower lights. as our eyes adjusted to the brightness, it became harder to see. I doubt anyone at the refinery would have noticed these at all. There were no spotlights at the refinery either, which I looked for as some kind of explanation. As we passed the refinery, they seemed to disappear. I continued to my destination (near downtown St. Paul) and spotted the lights forming again on my return.

This time the green light seemed to be a pale white or yellow light (like a sodium lamp color) but still the columns of gas/mist would form and glow and float away from the refinery, for miles! This second sighting was approximately 1900-1910 hours.

I was alone so I returned home and picked up my wife (36) my step daughter (16) and my friend Mike (38) and we returned to as parking lot in Newport, MN (across the highway from the refinery) and watched these lights form repeatedly. At one point the lights were so numerous they looked like a photo of a "galactic center" with neboulous clouds and colors. This peak of activity occured around 2010-2030 hours with all of us witnessing these columnsof light.

A few columns appeared over the inver grove heights river valley, and some of these "stragglers" flew directly over our head at this time. They looked like florescent lightbulbs- sort of. We listened with the windows open and did not hear a sound coming from the sky. by 2040 hours, the lights were gone and most of the columns had blown away with the wind.

The approximate lattitude/ Longitude location of the refinery is: 44.51.08 N 93.00.10 W our observation point where the columns flew over us: 44.52.28 n 93.00.02 w The columns that flew above us originated approx: 44.52.23 n 93.01.17 w I did see a dark streak shoot across the lower cloud elevation suddenly at the termination of the event which was not observed by the others.

No electrical effects were observed.