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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/3/2006 05:15 (Entered as : 12/03/2006 05:15)
Reported: 12/3/2006 4:00:11 AM 04:00
Posted: 12/7/2006
Location: Highland Heights, KY
Shape: Other
Duration: 50 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object left a trail, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object changed color
Fireball vapor ships observing us from the sky

First there was a cluster of bright weird shaped cloud type things. We thought at first it was the moon behing some clouds unitl we realized we don't have clouds that looked like these vapor cloud things. The other clouds were not like it anyway. There was a brightness in the area surrounding this. We went inside because we were comming home and watched the bright cloud or vapor thing. There were at least 15 in the group. Two at a time they stared to fade. Some just got brighter then were gone and the others turned organgeish white and just shot away. This continued until the 15 were gone. Under the conglomeration was a line of the vapor type clouds it remained even after the others left. I called my neighbor during this time and she and her husband started to watch. I thought it was over and I contacted our local news to see if anyone had reported anything in the sky of course it hadn't. Then the line that had been there got a huge fireball on top of it and I realized that is also what I had seen in the sky that I thought was the moon. It looked like a sunrise but it was in the west and it exploded and disappeared. It took about 3-5 minutes for this to happen so it was watchable. Not like a split second that was what was so amazing. I was loudly asking my friend on the phone if she saw it and she did. The other little clouds under it did the same thing orangeish reddish explosion. But it really looked like they were taking off and they were so powerful and fast that it created that light. I wonder if the cloudy vapor things were a cover or that the technology of the ships created the vapors. It was really the most incredible thing I have ever seen. I'm not the type of person who believes things easily and I even brushed it off when I first saw everything. But it was undeniable and fantastic. I wouldn't even allow myself to believe it at first thinking there must be a logical explaination. The only logical explaination is alien life in our atsmosphere observing our planet.