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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/30/1976 18:00 (Entered as : 05/30/76 18:00)
Reported: 7/29/2006 2:36:41 PM 14:36
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Mountaintop, PA
Shape: Cigar
Duration: 11 minutes?
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object emitted beams
Seven teens see nioseless cigar ufo & one reports a swirl of light that stops 1 foot in front of her.

In the spring of 1976, in my backyard in Northeast Pennsylvania, I saw a UFO. I was around 13 and had been outside with my brother and five other kids. Something told me to run to the bottom of the yard. This is an old railroad town and the lot my house was on was 80X150. We had been playing in the middle of the yard so I thought it was strange my brain was telling me to go to the back of the yard. But I listened and walked to the bottom of the yard and stood there. The other kids said, ďWhat are you doing?Ē I told them I donít know and stood there looking around asking myself why was I suppose to walk down here. Then my brain said, "Look over this way." I looked to the left (east) and there I saw half a spot light that seemed to come right out of the mountain top. It was moving in an upward direction, not forward, from a forested area, about 1/4th mile away. This was the beginning of my UFO experience that still disturbs me to this day.

I watched as this light rose slightly above the tree tops and turned into a circle. It then proceeded to move forward in my direction. I called the other kids to come see it. They ran down to where I was and we watched this light slowly come right for us. As it got closer I could see two lights, one on top of the other. I thought it was a helicopter, but couldnít see any blades or anything beyond these lights. There was no noise at all.

As these lights kept coming right at us, the other kids ran. It appeared that a helicopter was going to land right in our yard. I was the littlest and as I ran up the yard the lights made a turn as if to follow. The other kids were way ahead of me. I could see the blades of grass, this was before dusk. I made a turn while I was running to go in front of an old garage and to see where the lights went. There above and slightly next to an old oak tree, about 20 feet from the garage, sat a cigar shaped object..

I was stopped in mid run with one foot in front of the other and my arms spread out. I was frozen. I wanted to turn around and see where the other kids went. I couldnít. I couldnít talk. I was petrified and curious at the same time. The last I saw or heard of the other kids besides my brother that night was then when I heard, ďDo you see that?!Ē I couldnít believe how the biggest thing in my yard, and old six foot round oak tree, was dwarfed by this object.

It appeared to be made of brownish, semi-shiny metal. It was not completely smooth. I could see a mottled pattern all over this thing, like you see on some copper or brass ware. There were two triangular lights on the center bottom, facing away from each other, one red, one yellow. It had to be at least 70 feet long and 40 feet across. I stood frozen, trying to figure out what it was. There was no noise at all. The trees leaves right under this thing didnít move at all. There was no heat trail behind it. It just was there, not moving at all like a blimp or helicopter would do. I searched for seams and rivets and bolts, there were none. My brain said this is not natural. So I stood there frozen with my mind racing to explain this thing. Our dog made no noise and hid in the garage. If I had taken about 8 more steps, I would have been directly under this thing.

Then a light opened up from the bottom middle of this object and hit the ground. It was about a 2 feet round, very clean looking spot light. I could see the blades of grass under this thing clearly from the light. This light slowly started to go in a clockwise directional swirl. It was as if it was looking for something. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up as I realized if the swirl keeps going and getting wider, it will hit me. I was still frozen and had the feeling like they knew I was there.

My eyes were the only thing I could move and I watched this spot light on the ground. This light stopped 1 foot in front of my extended foot. I couldnít move. It was a round circle of light about 2 feet across. I felt like this thing was getting information from me, like when a dog sniffs for information. I had no clue what this light would do to me. My brain raced with ideas that it could burn me, that little people were going to get me, that army men were going to drop out of this thing on a rope, that this thing was going to drop out the sky and blow up and kill me because I was so close to it then the light just pulled back.

At this point, I was slightly relieved and could move again. I turned to run up my yard away from this thing and I noticed I could no longer see the blades of grass, it was very dark. I thought this is strange. I could here my brother up a head of me running too. I watched over my shoulder as this huge object went backwards a tiny bit and then pulled forward. I was afraid it was going to follow me but it turned back east and slowly went back to the exact spot it had came from and went back down below the trees, not over the trees, but down into the trees. Sometimes, airplanes can look like they are going up when they are coming toward you from a mountainside, I have seen that. This object didnít appear to come from over the horizon, or on leaving, did it appear to go over the horizon. On both cases, it appeared to come up from and go down into the horizon. I found this strange because there would be nothing but woods at that spot with no clearing.

My brother and I bolted into the house and told my parents what we had seen. I felt like I had walked into a staged scene. My father was sitting in the kitchen with the paper covering his face. My mother was standing in the kitchen wiping her hands with a towel. She was wearing an old apron. She never wore aprons. My father usual sat in the living room with the paper. They did not get excited. My mother slowly went and looked out the window. She said she didnít see anything. Here were 2 kids, breathing heavy, and scared, and these people didnít seem upset. They were good parents so to this day, I am perplexed. Maybe my adrenaline was pumped up high and slowing everything down, or maybe it was staged, I donít know.

I learned quickly after that that no one really believes these stories. So I just learned to stop talking about it. I had seen one silver saucer high in the sky before while with about 10 other kids. I havenít seen anything like this cigar shaped object. I am now 43 and still canít answer my own questions concerning this incident. I am Irish/Indian ancestry, novicane challenged, and quite often like to watch sky in big areas. I do believe this object picked up a bad gene I have for low blood pressure and left me alone because of that. Please add my experience to your data base and leave out my name I guess. Since itís an older case I didnít know if you would want it put into the online additions.

I do have other questions.

Why would this thing have to pull back a little bit to move forward? That sounds like man made directional flight.

What where the small indentations, mottled appearance for? I have never heard these mentioned in a UFO description before? This incident was one of the first in my life that made me realize, my parents canít protect me from the world. But Iíve ruled out some type of subconscience trick my mind played on me because there were 7 people who saw this thing. How my parents didnít see it out of the big kitchen bay window I donít know. And why my mother was wearing an apron is one of the biggest questions. That was strange. Ironically though, the old oak was the same tree I had been knocked out by when I was about 6, in a bad sledding accident. When I came to, I was on the couch and sweating terribly with my coat still on, and my mother watching. So I estimate I had to be unconscience for at least 20 minutes to be that hot. Odd.

This was definitely a physical object. But after almost 30 years, I have no clue! When I was in kindergarten to about fourth grade, I would have this recurring dream where a space ship lands in the playground at school. The whole school population is there, teachers and kids. These little men come out and want to talk but no one steps forward. For some reason, I was always the only one who could talk to these little men. They were the same size as me and friendly, not scary. So in this recurring dream, I would have to be the one they talked with. I would walk up by the ship and start talking and then I would wake up. I could never understand why no one else could talk with them. My present alien dreams involve wars being raged above our heads, where humans are hurt because they are in the way of fighting aliens. Very strange. So I remain clueless after 30 years.

Months ago I observed six red lights from about a distance of 15 miles from an overlook. These lights just seemed to hover around a nuclear power plant cooling tower. They would move a little and then stop. Then after about 15 minutes they just all formed a line and went west. Iíve never heard of 6 helicopters inspecting a cooling tower at one time have you? I was just glad they didnít come by me.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))