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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/24/2005 20:30 (Entered as : 10/24/2005 20:30)
Reported: 7/26/2006 12:09:52 AM 00:09
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: North Miami, FL
Shape: Light
Duration: 10+minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
On the night of Hurricane Wilma I honestly couldn't tell you the exact time but I'm guessing it must've been at least 8:30pm or so. Of course that night absolutely nobody in my neighboorhood or surrounding neighborhoods had any electricity at all. Most of Dade and Broward counties we pretty much pitch black. I don't even think anyone in our near by neighborhoods had any generators until at least 1-2 days later or so, and our area alone went about 2-3 weeks without electricity. That night my 10yr old brother, my mother and I were outside our house in the porch area. We were grilling some food and pulled some chairs out. We were looking up at the skies and really just admiring the stars and how beautiful it looked since you can't really see & appreciate them in the city. It was really, really dark and had a perfect view of the skies. We were just staring up a few minutes when my mom said look at that star it's moving. All the other stars in the skies looked normal and in place except this one that was actually moving. We could not see a shape or outline of any sort. I couldn't say that it looked like a saucer or diamond or anything it just simply looked like a moving star unlike the others. Just a bright light but not abnormally bright and it looked very, very far up in the sky. Of course the three of us just looked at it and followed it's movement as it was heading north. We were mesmerized and couldn't take our eyes off of it we kept saying it can't be a plane because to our knowledge their were no planes flying that night due to the hurricane. And it just seemed so far up I've never seen a plane fly that far up before. Then we noticed another moving star behind the first one almost like out of nowhere so here there was two moving stars that seemed to be flying pretty fast and not necessarily in a "perfect line". I'm not going to say it was doing any crazy twists and turns or anything like that either just not a perfect line and a plane couldn't make those fast movements. My mom and I just kept saying it can't be a plane besides there are no planes flying tonight. We kept asking what is that? Do stars move like that? And if so why are these the only 2 stars moving like this and the others are standing still? My brother kept asking me is that a UFO? We followed it for a good 5+ minutes eventually when it got past a certain distance we couldn't see past our roof and lost it. But right when we thought we lost it almost immediately after that over our roof we saw what looked like a shooting star. I don't know much about shooting stars or anything like that but whenever I've seen a shooting star or seen it portrayed usually it seems to shoot downward and this shot upwards and it was brighter then anyone I've ever seen and almost in a line not "arched". That could've just been a coincidence I don't know about that I just thought the timing was either weird or perfect. We just kept looking up and kept asking ourselves what was that? Did we just see a UFO? Then when we thought the action was over we continued to look around and I noticed another moving star this one was brither and bigger then other two but it couldn't be the same one because the other two had just past over going north this one was just approaching us and it was on the west side there was no way it could've turned around that quickly in a matter of a minute! I said look another one up there,my brother asked where?I pointed at it, as I said it was approaching us and this one didn't look as high up as the other two. He still couldn't find it. I told him give me your flashlight. We had one of those long black flash lights like the kind cops use a good bright one nearby he got it and gave it to me. I turned it on and said see look up there and pointed the lit flash light in the direction of the star. As soon as I turned on the light and pointed in it's direction the star dimmed it's lights!It just looked like one of those really dim stars but you could still see it moving, and he said why did you point at it, it must've seen you! Now it's going to come after us and he actually got scared. Shortly after it dimmed it's lights it disappeared behind a cloud. This one we only saw about 2-3 minutes. We waited for it to come out the other end of the small cloud but it never came out. And how weird was it that it immediately dimmed it's lights when I pointed my flash light in it's direction. My brother kept asking what if it comes back later tonight? Do you think it saw us? He was actually scared and we just told him that if it was a UFO it was gone now. We stayed looking up for another 15 minutes to see if anything else would happen but that was it we didn't see anything else. My mom's friend claims that she saw the moving stars also that night. I actually went out the rest of that week every night with my little brother for a couple of hours a night to see if we saw anything else but we never did.I was not scared I don't know if mom was she didn't say so. I was more intrigued and mesmerized then anything and I do believe I saw a "UFO" and I'll never forget that experience. I don't think my little brother ever will either. He was scared but intrigued also and is now all into UFO stuff which is how we found this site surfing the net. We still talk about it of course, my dad laughed it off didn't take us seriously and my husband just said that's great honey. But the three of us know what we saw and it was not "normal" it was amazing there was something out there.

(p.s. I am open to being contacted if this is of any interest or help of any sort to investigators)