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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/27/1983 21:57 (Entered as : 030402 21:57)
Reported: 7/23/2006 5:06:18 AM 05:06
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Overbrook, KS
Shape: Other
Duration: approximately 15 seconds
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Slow-moving, low-flying, HEXAGONAL-shaped craft, MASSIVE and SILENT over rural area near Overbrook, Kansas, March 4, 2002

*BASICS OF EVENT SETTING: The sighting took place in a rural area around the vicinity of Overbrook, KS, on or near Stubbs Road.

WEATHER: no rain ANGLE: The object passed directly above us, parallel to the ground.

ALTITUDE: The object flew low to the ground, just above tree line.

SIZE: massive, like a football field, seemed to almost fill the sky MATERIAL: (what appeared to be grayish-colored) metal, constructed of plates possibly held on by rivets SHAPE: expansive, elongated hexagon---saw *only* the underside, which was flat LIGHTS: yes; several; whitish; reminiscent of car headlights in shape, but seemed to diffuse near the object body; uncertain if incandescent or luminescent; seemingly sporadic placement; lights were constant (*no* flickering, pulsating; *no* light beams on ground) WINGS: no SOUND: none---*absolutely* silent SPEED: "slowish" and steady INTERACTION: no response by object to my yelling/waving arms at object ELECTRICAL/STATIC INTERFERENCE: none INTERNAL RESPONSE OF THIS WITNESS: I felt awe, befuddlement, intense curiosity, assertiveness and lack of fear, followed shortly thereafter (increasing over the hours after the event had ended) by what I now think was a strange lack of awe, befuddlement, and curiosity, as though the moment had become simultaneously perceived as mundane (somehow) and obscured in a mental haze, like the fog of a dream. I didn’t consider the strange emotional/mental after effects, the bizarre amnesiac hangover, until recalling the event years later.

*ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Approximate distances from nearby military designations to Overbrook, Kansas: ---Fort Leavenworth, in Leavenworth County, near Leavenworth, KS--85 miles to the Northeast ---Fort Riley, in Geary and Riley Counties, between Junction City and Manhattan, KS--97 miles West/Northwest --- McConnell Air Force Base, in Sedgwick County, near Wichita, KS--145 mile Southwest Approximate distance from nearby Nuclear power plant: ---Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant in Burlington, KS--49 miles South Here’s my account of what happened: There were three of us in the car (each a student or soon to be student at KU). My best friend was driving her car; I was in the front passenger seat, and our friend (also our housemate) was in the back behind the driver's seat. We were driving on rural roads to visit her (friend in backseat) sister and brother-in-law who lived around Overbrook, Kansas. I was looking down while rolling a cigarette when she exclaimed, "Look!" For some reason, I immediately looked up and out through my window as my best friend did through the windshield; it seemed as though we just knew where to look. Surprisingly, we did not feel afraid but were filled with awe, and I had the presence of mind to look at the car's clock and record the time, date, and scrawl a rudimentary sketch of the object. After a few seconds, we stopped the car; we got out and watched the object until it disappeared over the horizon. I waved my arms and yelled to attract attention, but got no noticeable response. When we got back into the car, I went over the basic features of the event, and asked if we each agreed upon the basics of what was witnessed. We were in concordance: 1) we had all seen the craft; 2) we were sober; 3) it was gigantic; 4) it was silent; 5) it was flying slowly and low to the ground. We also agreed that it was wingless, but about a year ago, I spoke with my best friend about that night, and her memory is fuzzy as to whether or not it was. This has me wondering how and to what degree each friend recalls the event. I wish I had written an unofficial affidavit on the spot, to be signed by we three. As for myself, I know that memory can degrade over time, but this I remember vividly, because it struck me as such an incredible sight: the craft was WINGLESS.

The object flew above the tree line, though seemingly not too much higher. It is difficult to gauge, being as it was at night, over a basically flat field with few trees, and I am not an expert on altitude. I try to explain it like this: extend your flattened palm between one foot's distance from the tip of your nose to maybe the full extension of your arm (flexibility of distance to account for fallibility of memory); this is about how it seemed, except that the breadth was more expansive. It was LARGE. MASSIVE. Kind of like a flying football field in the sky. It appeared to be constructed of some kind of metal, with a flat bottom, and I remember specifically being amazed that I could see that the bottom was not a singular piece of material, but consisted of plates of metal that looked to be fastened with rivets. It reminded me of a quilt. The underside also had several (don't know how many--more than 10, I would say) lights, which I recall to be similar to regular car headlights, except probably much more powerful, and were puzzling to me because they seemed to have been, figuratively, sprinkled on--their arrangement appeared sporadic, haphazard, disorganized, erratic. Also organic. To my recollection, they were constant, and did not flicker, nor did they graze the ground. I remember only seeing the underside of the object, which we all agreed appeared to be wingless. The shape is difficult to describe, because it doesn't conform to any geometric shape; the closest I've been able to come is to compare it to an expansive, slightly elongated hexagon. But the main feature for us, and what took us aback, was that it was absolutely, positively SILENT. I could not tell the speed at which it traveled, except to say that it did not dart, and stayed on a "straight" course over the field at a “slowish,” steady and deliberate pace: imagine a pope's hand waving slowly over a crowd. I wish I had kept track of the time with my watch, but I was absorbed in the sight; however, I think we watched it somewhere from 15 seconds to a minute before it met the horizon line and was beyond our vision. To my recollection, we did not experience any interference with any electrical components of the car or accessories on our person, nor do I remember static on the radio, but knowing my friend, we were probably listening to a CD--don't know if that matters. After it passed, we got back into the car, and drove to the sister and brother-in-law's house. I think we did, but am uncertain if we told them about what we had just seen.