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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/2/1994 23:15 (Entered as : 03/02/94 23:15)
Reported: 5/17/2006 4:05:00 PM 16:05
Posted: 7/16/2006
Location: Lindsborg, KS
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 10 seconds
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Black Triangle with Slightly Askew Leading Edge

At approximately 2315 hours on the March 2, 1994, I was in my dorm room (107) at Alma Swensson Hall on the Bethany College Campus in Lindsborg, Kansas. I was unable to sleep, and walked to my window to look west across the lawn over into the area of Presser Hall, and, after a few seconds in the window, my attention was drawn upward by an unusual object.

The sky was clear, with no adverse weather conditions, and I recall no noise whatsoever. But, I noted an object, which I can only describe as a black or other dark colored equilateral triangle which appeared from not directly above my building, but rather at an eleven o'clock position. The most striking feature about this object was that it did not fly with a logical leading edge. In other words, if twelve o'clock would be straight ahead, and the nose position on a conventional aircraft, this object's corners were at roughly two o'clock, five o'clock, and nine o'clock. Continuous white lights were observed at the two and nine o'clock positions, and a continuous red light was observed at the five o'clock position, which would approximate the "tail" of the aircraft. This object left no contrail, and made no noise whatsoever. While difficult to state with certainty, I would estimate the object to be approximately 1,000 feet above ground level, traveling due west. I watched the object pass over the Bethany Campus, and lost sight of it as it disappeared behind Presser Hall and various trees.

At no time did this object perform any stunning maneuvers, or violate any fundamentals of physics. At the time, I noted mentally that I was less than 100 miles north of McConnell Air Force Base, and initially attributed the object to a military test of some sort, but soon realized that McConnell is not really known as being a test facility. I remained at Bethany until May of 1998, and never again saw anything similar to this craft, but did, on numerous occasions, witness various military aircraft in the area over the years. Aside from the bizarre angle and leading edge placement, I could easily attribute this to a craft of Earthly origin. However, at present, some twelve years later, I have yet to see anything about new military aircraft that have a leading edge built in such a manner. It struck me as odd enough that I made a crude sketch immediately after seeing the object. (In 2004, after hearing a radio program in which Mr. Colm Kelleher of the National Institute of Discovery Science discuss sightings of so called "black triangles," I drew the object in a more detailed manner, and attempted to place it "to scale." I subsequently filed a report on this incident with N.I.D.S. and included my original and later drawings, which I will forward to NUFORC in a separate email submission.) As the object was so dark and blended into the night sky, I could not tell definitively if the object was a proper triangle, or if the edges were more rounded. Therefore, in the more detailed drawing, the edges of the object are drawn both as straight lines and as curved lines. I am certain the object was not perfectly round, in any event.