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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/10/2005 22:08 (Entered as : 10/10/105 10:08)
Reported: 10/11/2005 10:53:00 PM 22:53
Posted: 10/20/2005
Location: East Wenatchee, WA
Shape: Light
Duration: 20 min
Strange light over East Wenatchee Washington

At about 10:08PM I looked into the night sky and noticed a yellowish bright light, This light was much brighter and a different color than other stars that I could see. The light stayed in one place and appeared to hover around a little and changed brightness some. The light dimmed out and made an erratic left and dissapeared.

As I am writing this my wife just said it reappeared, second sighting is at 10:40. This time the light is to the south and just hovering around. through the binoculors it seems to be a bright white with some red.

I really doubt this is any type of plane because it isn't moving in any direction what so ever.

10:47pm light just dimmed and dissapeared with all the stars still visiable.