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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/15/1988 01:00 (Entered as : 10/15/1988 1:00)
Reported: 6/28/2005 1:28:26 AM 01:28
Posted: 7/5/2005
Location: Ottawa (Canada), ON
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 45 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
...triangular in shape blotting out most of the bluff in the background, the horizon and part of the night sky

After reading the 'Canadian, Texas, January 15,1993' state trooper report, I was struck by his sense of awe and resignation to the fact that his reality had just been asssaulted with the blunt force of indisputable, emperical evidence that we are not alone. This is a feeling that is shared by millions of human beings around the world, including myself, who have not placed a 'belief in UFOs' on a wish and a prayer or some peculiar fuzzy lights bouncing around the skies; but on heart stopping, nerve stunning, in-your-face, up-close and personal 'I am HERE, I am BIG and you are very, very small' close encounters with these things. And I'm madder'n hell that this continues to go on every day without any advisement or counsel from our so called 'by the people for the people' governments whose biggest fear next to real democracy is that we'll find out in fact they do not nor ever had a clue about what these things are or where they come from. WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS when these things appear, do we greet them with a smile and a handshake or do we run like hell away from them! I think our governments know at least as much to describe the various objects, tell us what their present state of affairs is concerning UFOs, and what is the nature of the contact environment for human interaction with each type; so we can at least act neighborly without placing ourselves in harms way or if these things are dangerous and out to git us we can pop off a few rounds when they get into our cross hairs. I think it's time humanity had its own 'million man march' on capitols around the world to force the truth out from between those bright shiny perfectly lying teeth of politicians responsible for holding back the truth. This is a new millenia and it's time for a new world order allright but not the stilted, contrived childs building block type promoted by patrician 'we know better than you' demagogues. Their silly secret society, michiavellian intrigue ways of running things are as outdated as the buggy whips that remained in the last century, and as unnatural and bizarre as the pathetic face-hip-boob lifts obsessed by celebrities today. There are many, many things that press for answers and change in our society, that require a different focus for human behaviour away from competition and greed.

Today let's start with our new neighbors; who the hell are they and where do they come from? Are they here to eat us or eat with us? SORRY FOLKS, I just had to get all that off my chest. I've been saving it up since my first encounter in 1971 and its built up over the years with three unforgettable episodes.

#1) - October 7, 1971,1 am. While travelling east on a country road towards Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, on a clear moonless night; my wife and I noticed a peculiar glowing object hovering just above the tree line to our left about 1000 feet away. I remarked what an interesting effect the moon had reflecting off the top of a silo that way. It looked like a flying saucer, (chuckle) As we proceeded along the road at a leisurely 40 miles per hour, I continued to glance back over my shoulder to watch the changes occur, expecting it to change shape and get smaller as we moved away from it. However when my observations discovered that not only was it holding its horizontal, elliptical shape but getting larger and brighter, I immediately and frantically searched for the moon, craning my neck this way and that. Not finding it, I asked my wife to search for the moon and she discovered also, no moon! I then asked her to look over her left shoulder, and tell me what she saw across the field. She confirmed there was a horizontal, elliptical object, nearly as bright as moon light, getting bigger and closer; I pulled over and stopped the car. By now my wife was frightened and refused to get out of the car, clinging to the door knob out of fear. I wanted to settle this and conclude it was the movement caused by driving that was responsible for what I expected was an illusion. Up to then my only knowledge of flying saucers was in the realm of Buck Rogers, science fiction and stories of peculiar incidents and artifacts from the history of humankind, never putting much credence in the few current reports I had read, I didn't really know what to think, the jury was still out. So I got out of the car and stood very still, bracing myself against the automobile to be sure of my bearing. Well this thing kept moving very slowly from an ENE direction, still skirting the tops of the forest across the field from us, but not yet coming directly towards us. By now its scale had gone from a dime size at arms length when we first saw it about five minutes earlier to a nickle size. Its steady movement and even moonglow illumination convinced me this neede closer inspection, and that it probably was a flying saucer. Looking back at my wife I said I was going for a closer look to which she groaned her displeasure. I blythely and quite naively raced across the road towards a point in the field about five hundred feet away to intersect its direction of travel, this involved risking an encounter with a barnyard dog because we happened to be next to a farm house to our north east. I made it across the yard without incidence, over a fence then into the field which I discovered was fallow with just short scrub and weeds. As I was running towards my point of intersection in the field ahead, I kept my eyes on the prize and noticed it had altered its course and was coming towards me more directly. Our paths crossed quicker than I had anticipated and was caught up a bit in surprise. Now looking due north, with my head canted back so sharply as to cause me to stop suddenly with the realisation this thing is REALLY close and REALLY big and I should stop now. Art arms length, if you were to hold a yardstick horizontally in your hand it would give you some idea of the scale. My best guess was one hundred feet off the ground and it was dead still. I stood there hollering up to it, 'Come on down here and talk to me!' It just sat there and glowed. I saw no one, no details, no sounds. Just two saucers inverted together glowing brighter than a full moon. Out of the corner of my eye I caught the glint of headlights from an approaching car so I ran back across the field and onto the road to flag it down. They stopped, I pointed to the UFO telling them to look there! At that moment it went from roughly four inches across at arms length , to a pin point and vanished in one second. My wife and I reported it to the night officer in charge at the old OPP station on King street near Rockway Gardens in Kitchener that night. He made a written record of our report, also checking with the local airport for possible fly ins or radar evidence. Nothing. Since then I have encountered a born again christian and a business man both men of character beyond reproach, confiding to me encounters very similar mine.

#2) - November 15,1987, 2 am. While returning home from work on a crisp, clear moonless night, I was travelling east on hwy 50 just north of Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. I had passed the airport on my left which was closed for the evening and was alone in my vehicle with no traffic on coming or following. Making my way to Buckingham I passed the several overpasses encountered on this highway and was approaching the last one before my turn off which is about six miles east of the aforementioned airport. As I approached the last overpass I noticed a bright red light just ahead and to my left off the road about 100 feet and 100 feet off the ground. The size, colour and brilliance resembling the kind of warning light you see on top of hydro towers. I thought this was peculiar because the hydro tower that was near by was not located there, so I conjectured to myself it must be a late arrival flying in to Gatineau airport. But it was closed and this is way to far away for a flight to be in a landing pattern so I slowed down expecting the plane to make a hard landing in the field.Eventually I pulled to the side of the road just west of the overpass, stopped and got out of my car.The field extending north from the highway is fairly level and consists of weeds and scrub for about 1500 -2000 feet until it reaches the bottom of a rise in the terrain that goes up suddenly about 100 - 150 feet. So looking north is fairly black with no illumination or dwelling in my line of sight until the horizon which is higher up than where I'm standing. Then the night sky explodes with stars and the milky way from the horizon up. The red light is in a fixed position in the darkness below the horizon and I'm marveling at how an aircraft can remain stationery for so long. I look around for possible wind sources to make this happen but the air is still, And I haven't yet been able to make out any kind of outline to put a fix on the aircrafts shape. So I walk across the double highway, down the ditch and up to the fence.This gives me a lower but closer perspective, all the while looking at this thing to see if I can make its shape. When I reach the fence I begin to think this might be some new stealth vehicle the military is trying out because I don't hear a sound and still can't make out its outline.My eyes becoming more accustomed to the inky darkness I find a hard edge that leads up into the night sky and then to my utter shock begin to see the staggering size of this thing! I stumble back from the realisation that the inky darkness was part of a craft that was triangular in shape blotting out most of the bluff in the background, the horizon and part of the night sky. What I mistook at first to be just a lack of stars in that particular section of the sky was an enormous triangular shape that reached from above and just ahead of me to just below the horizon. The point forward seeming to be to my left bearing the red light under its tip.It was all I could do to see its shape. No one, no details and no sound. You could almost describe it as an absence of light. Having never heard of flying triangles as possible UFOs I didn't speak of this until 2001 when I read my very first report about them. I was very excited by the facts and descriptions regarding the triangles reported and discovering I wasn't alone in sighting a triangle. When I drove away from the object that night, I contented myself with the explanation that I had witnessed a military exercise for forty five minutes and always referred to it as such, never suspecting a possible UFO context. It was still there when I got up and left thinking what a mammoth airplane. Truly football field size as they say.

#3) -This final event involved my entire family of seven including myself and our elderly neighbor and his wife. It occurred on the night before the first Phoenix, Arizona flurry of multiple UFOs appeared. Those identical lights appeared here around 10 pm looking east over Waupoos Island towards Kingston, Ontario, Canada. They remained in the sky over Lake Ontario for several hours, were brighter than stars, orange/gold in colour, creating geometric patterns and remaining basically stationary. We went next door upon discovering the lights to watch them unobstucted from my neighbours deck. As some would vanish others would appear maintaining roughly 9 to 12 at any one time in the sky.It was an awesome display that none of us will ever forget and I'm still puzzled why no one else in our area reported seeing them. We didn't hear about the Phoenix lights until several days later when my son saw a report on mainstream news. One difference with our sighting though was the object that simultaneously flashed red and white lights, like a cop cars, to our immediate right looking south half way across the bay seemingly just sitting on the water while the orange light show was happening high in the sky towards the east.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of the event is approximate. We have invited the witness to re-submit two of the report, using separate report forms. PD))