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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/10/2005 01:40 (Entered as : 05/10/2005 1:40)
Reported: 5/10/2005 4:12:31 AM 04:12
Posted: 5/11/2005
Location: Mesa, AZ
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 1second-12 min
Characteristics: The object made a sound
Sonic booms over Mesa?

At around 1:40 AM; Mesa time, Aventerra Apartments at Dobson Ranch.

My wife and I awoke to what sounded like someone hammerfisting our patio door(It's a sliding glass). I went outside to invistigate. No one was to be seen. At which point, I asked my wife if she would go to the corner store for a beer. Too cool my nerves, and to serve as a nightcap. Five minutes later I decided to go outside again.

I then saw a Mesa police cruiser parked in front of my apartment. I went around a neighboring apartment as I heard a small crowd. There I saw a police officer and about seven other people who heard or felt the same "boom". We live underneath a known flight path but nothing like this! As my wife returns, a second "boom" was heard to the north-west. The officer heard this as well and immediately radio'd it in. As we live next to a police and fire station, a fire-truck was scrambled to see if there was an explosion of some sort in our area. A police helicopter orbited our complex then searched to the west to see if there was any trouble-there was not.

At this point, more people came out claiming they too heard the loud explosion and about 12 mins., later a smaller one as well. I didn't hear it.

Out of pure curiosity I called a local TV station FOX 10 and they said they only knew of a apartment fire 10 miles to the north-east. I then as a lark, called Luke's AFB and asked if they knew of any supersonic overflights over Mesa. Maybe a hot-dogger or two. They said not that they know of, but suggested I call in the morning and file a report with the're OSI division.

I only file this report because maybe this might corroborate a possible ufo sighting as I have seen this activity before-less the "fast mover".