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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/8/2001
Reported: 3/30/2005 9:30:21 AM 09:30
Posted: 4/16/2005
Location: Ocala, FL
The Cylinder moved from West to East at about 50 miles an hour

----------Thursday-Febuary 8, 200: I think I seen a UFO today when the Space Shuttle went up, No ! The booster rockets are NOT what I seen, this thing was not any ways near the shuttle, where I seen this thing , was at 6 Gun Shopping Center .

I was in my car , waiting on my wife to come out when i spotted this thing going over and it made absolutly no sound and there was nothing sticking out on it and no wings or rudder or stabalizer also it was staying at the same altitude in a level flight patern and it went right overhead . It looked like a big sewer pipe with rounded caps on each end and it moved slowly from West to East and it was probaly in a line about 50 miles west of the shuttle.

It looked like a Propane tank and it was painted a Barn red color and it was about 20 Ft. in diameter and about 40 or 50 Ft. long .

Afterwards , just as the thing was going out of sight over the trees, my wife came out and i tryed to get her to see the thing but it was too far away , but then the shuttle was going up in an arc toward the east and I didn't see the boosters drop off because it was too far away from my location in the old six gun plaza in Ocala.

I guess you didn't see what I did and ((name deleted)) didn,t see it either until it was way East of us but I seen it when it was almost overhead and watched it untill it was almost out of site going in a strait line and at the same altitude at about 40 or 50 miles an hour.

SSSSooo , What was it ?


Peter Davenport

Sorry bout the delay , but being my age (70) , or near that when it happened , it just faded from my mind for some reson , i guess there just wasn't anybody around that cared at that time so it just faded from my memory .

The only reason i got re-interested and sent my sighting in to you was because i was looking thu some of the mail i had sent to my daughter, and it just poped up , so there it is .

It realy upset me about nobody being anywhere around because while this thing was going over , i looked all around and there wasn't a sole in that parking lot and any other time there was people going back and forth to there cars . Then after the thing was out of sight then my wife came out and THEN i started to see other people but telling them about it would just turn them into 'doughters" so i just drove on home and forgot it !

I was wondering if the people at the Cape would have seen that on there Radar or something , , , Oh , well , probaly not since the shuttle thing was gong up , all eyes were probaly on that .

I know the Cape is a few miles down the road from route 40 that ends at I95 When I was at 6 Gun Plaza that thing was going over my head about a 1/2 mile away from straight up . And it was headed right towards the Cape. I just can't fantom how that thing stayed up there with no wings , notail , no engine that i could see .

Do you know if there is anyone that has seen an object like that ? Also , i would like to know if there is a UFO group in my area ? Maybe someone in that group would have seen that thing .

I am sending you a map of the area with stick pins where the things are . Thank you for your time ,

Just call me ((name deleted)) . (and write soon)