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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/20/1975 22:00 (Entered as : 10/20/1975 22:00)
Reported: 2/28/2005 12:11:32 PM 12:11
Posted: 4/16/2005
Location: Enterprise, AL
Shape: Other
Duration: two minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Very low, very slow flying, silent, black trapezoid viewed by 4 family members for about two minutes

On the particular UFO sighting night, I had been out of doors for quite a while and was getting chilled and tired of the lawn chair. The duration of my stargazing session was probably from around 8 PM to nearly 10PM that nite. Just to be safe, I'd say that the hours from 730PM to 11PM found me outside looking up.

Well about the time I get up to go inside, my mom or dad, comes out back to get me. Here's the odd part. I'm right outside a little ways into the back yard (which is chainlink fenced for our dog) to be apart from the ambient light from the house. We had sliding glass doors to the back yard and a small concrete patio.

So I'm out in the yard and instead of going right into the den through the sliding doors I get up and walk north to the yard fence gate and go through it around to the carport and enter the house through the utility/laundry room into the kitchen. I took off my coat and may have had a blanket to put away and then go into the kitchen which opens into the den. family in the den??? Wonder where they went, I'm thinking? About that time they all ( both parents, older brother, and younger sister) come back into the house through the sliding glass doors into the den. The ensuing conversation goes something like this.

Where'd you guys go?-I ask.

Out back looking fo you! -they replied.

All of you?-I ask.

Yea,...did you see it? See what? The UFO! No, guys are kidding me, right? NO! didn't you SEE it? No, I didn't. Where was it? What did it look like? It was right over the house, It was HUGE, black and made no noise! They all were looking at me quite seriously and no acting or practical joking was going on because my disbelief and smiling about their responses should have cracked at least my little sister's composure. She was about10 -11 years old at the time.

You guys are joking, right? No! they insisted.

How big was it? What color was it? What did it do, where did it go? What did it look like? WHY didn't you get me? They thought I was also looking at it the same time but didn't see me because I was walking around the house and went under the carport. Plus they were all looking up.

My dad, a 20 year Army pilot then got a sheet of notebook paper folded it in half and drew what they witnessed. It was silent, dark grey or flat black in color without insignia of any kind visible. No panels, windows, landing gear, protrusions or cockpit were visible. Four small red lights located on the underside that were constant in nature were seen. The altitude was twice a telephone pole above the ground as it flew over telephone poles and the tree tops in our neighborhood at the time were lower than this.

Size of the craft was in the 60-80 foot width and 45-55 foot length. Flat was the general profile description my family gave. The drawing my dad did within a couple of minutes of the sighting was that of a trapezoid, not a true triangle, but an equilateral triangle with the apex missing at near the half-way point. No rounded edges or bulges. The small red lights were located near the corner points of the craft. Altitude and speed remained constant during viewing.

They viewed it for about 90 seconds to two minutes as it went from North to South across the backyards of Victoria drive (map availabel upon request) crossing Rucker Blvd and continuing on out of view. Estimated speed was between 5 and 25 MPH maybe closer to 10 MPH. My dad held up his hand palm down and demonstrated a slow, smooth flight. He also indicated that he could have hit it with a baseball, hand thrown.

Kind of amazing to me after all these evenings that I'm out back with good quality "big eyes" as I call them (binox) and my normal path into the house would have put me right into the den with the family, but noooo, I go slowly around the house under the carport while the first of my family members to see the craft calls the rest outside to witness the event and I miss the whole thing. I have never before reported this event.