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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/21/1984 21:30 (Entered as : 08/21/1984 21:30)
Reported: 2/24/2005 8:12:09 PM 20:12
Posted: 5/11/2005
Location: Cedarburg, WI
Shape: Rectangle
Duration: 45 min.
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object
Re occuring sightings in same location., up close and personal proof is waiting

Take Note !!! This is a reoccuring event worthy of investigation.

I lived out in the countryside while I was growing up. As children, all us neighborhood kids would ponder the wonders of the great night sky.

During the latter half of the 70's roughly the summer of 78's several of us saw an object dart from place to place at incredible speed only to jart off in another direction at impossible angles of trajectory. We summoned our parents who also witnessed this event only to get the shoulder shrug, oh well.

Part 2. 1984, 5.5 miles north of home. A friend was having problems with his soon to be wife. We took a drive so as he could discuss his problems. Upon driving for no apparent reason I sugested we pull over and talk about his problems.

Within 6 or 7 minutes everything changed from "personal problems" to what is passing in front of us. The object was and is not of this earth.The night was peacefull, a gently breaze if best. A field of crickets chirped as in a wave like sound ( if one has been in th country they know the sound) the object moved with exacting precision.At this point I said tho my buddy, Lets get out and stand on the car. I told him immediatly it was a u.f.o. No sound.

At the point the object entered our plane of view, the crickets stopped. no sound, a pin drop dead silence.The object passed by approximately 300 ft. away, following the contour of the ground, up a small hill and over the top and down the other side, out of sight.

At this point I told my friend that it was going to a large 15 acre pond/lake. This pond/ lake is very deep. left over glacial sink hole approximatley 100 -125ft deep. I know this because I hunted the land years earlier. It is private land.I also knew whatever it was knew we were there. I told my friend "lets wait a minute because it will be back" Less than 2 minutes had bassed and The object returned up over the hill, only with an intensely bright ambure essence light, scanning the ground back and forth as if searching. Note: the craft is only feet over any brush or tree at any given time, following the conture with precision. At this point the objet was directly in fron of us, slowly comming closer.I felt a sensation only experienced when I had dental x-rays bluured vision. I asked my frfiend if he had felt anything wierd and he had.

We opted to leave immediately. jumped in the car and left. CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT ! I could not leave the scene entirely so we apt to view from a distance. A half mile north was a paralell road to view with caution. Apon driving there another object with the same intense light came almost straight down into the same area. With this we left. apon arriving home my ever trusty cat freaked out. my brother and his friend asked what was wrong with us because we didn't look right. I explained the event without fanfare. The cat would not come near me for 2 days. Never before or since has this occured, animals are sensitive plain and simple. LIFE GOES ON : several years pass. 4 to be exact. August 1988. Apon driving home, again I see what I know is not a star, planet etc... Same vacinity as child hood,as well as the very close expeience. Nervous I drive north again 5.5 miles. As I approach the same spot, it becomes apparent that the object is large, stationary and when I stopped and turned off the car, dead silent.After observation for approx. 5 minutes taking all vantage points, marking distance at about 1100 ft. and general observation. the object began to move. I got in my car and idled at a pace of 5 mph. for a quarter mile, watching in awe. The object increased speed, I followed up till120 mph. at this point the object shot like a cannonto approx 15 miles in two seconds, no more.Again awe.More years go by. I see an old friend that lived within a quarter mile of these occurances. I casually ask if he had ever seen anything of the sort. Yes , many times, unexplainable , remarkable movement that nothing of this earth can produce. I FEEL STRONGLY THAT THIS EVENT COULD BE CAPTURED IF SOMEONE HAD THE TIME TO OBSERVE AREA FOR ROUGHLY 2 WEEKS ANY GIVEN AUGUST.. FOR THAT IS WHEN I FEEL IT MAKES A REGULAR APPEARENCE. If I had equipmentIE:proper video, camera electronic sensors etc. and a little more time I know there would be no argument as to the validity of other life. This is no joke and I wish some day to have time and resorces to accomplish and prove with hard evidence the reality of life elsewhere. Sorry for the lengthy explination. there are more examples which may take a little more time to devulge into. Sincerely, Joseph Deutsch