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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/27/2004 19:38 (Entered as : 10/27/2004 7:38)
Reported: 10/28/2004 3:08:49 PM 15:08
Posted: 11/2/2004
Location: Marysville, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration: Hour or longer
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object changed color, There were electrical or magnetic effects
Strange round lights changing colors in the dark sky on the same day of the Lunar Eclipse.

It was the night the lunar eclipse happened. I was recording the moon for obvious reasons. When my dad noticed a rather strange light that seemed to be flashing/changing colors to the left. It was above my neighbors house, but not close at all. From our eyes, we could only see it as a dot that was flashing. It didn't appear to be flying or moving in general. So we didnt think it was a airplane or a star because all of the other stars weren't flashing rapidly like that.(I dont think I have ever seen a star do that anyway). So I started to record it, I zoomed in as close as I could get and didnt mess with the zoom anymore. It was better on the video camera because we were able to see it bigger and a bit clearer. It appeared that the light was changing colors from blue,green,white. It looked as if it would double too and take the shape of a heart, but it mainly stayed in a circular shape. The thing that really got to us was the fact that it looked like there was some kind of electricity inside of the circle or at least going in front of it. Sometimes though it looked as if the electrical static went outside of the circle and above it, as if it were going nuts. As I said before, I did not mess with the zoom when I had it as close as I could get to it. I restate this because before we knew it, the circle seemed to enlarge as if it came closer, and suddenly shrink to a dot. It was amazing, I didn't think it was moving at all but it seemed to be moving forwards and backwards at random moments and fast. After a while there were more colors, including red,purple, and some goldish color. There aren't any big buildings in that direction or anything at all. So a flashing light from a room up high is ruled out also. Anyway, maybe an hour later I went back outside to film the rest of the moons transition, when I decided to check out the light to see if it was still there, and it was. The strange thing was, it was no longer in the same position it was before. As if it had moved off a bit farther n higher to the right. I stood at the same distance and place as I was before, and zoomed in again with the camera as close as I could, yet it never got as big as it did before, as if it had moved farther than before also. When I looked at it with my eye, I noticed there were 2 more on both sides of the one I was looking at. They were also much smaller, yet they were flashing/changing colors as rapidly as the first. I am not sure how long they stayed there, or how long they were there from the beginning, but from the time I was out there for a couple of hours or so they were there. My dad and I are very interested in the paranormal/supernatural. I have never seen anything like that before in the sky. I have no idea what that light was, but all I know is if it was nothing out of the ordinary then I still find it to be a pretty sight, at the same time I would like to hear how that was normal if at all. My dad has said that no one would believe me anyway that it had gotten smaller on its own, that they would assume I just zoomed it in and out fast. I do have statements behind that. First, the volume was on very high and the zoom buttons make a sound when u press them, even if you press them slowly, and when I was filming the moon and adjusting the zoom you could clearly hear me pressing the buttons. Second, I couldnt have zoomed it in and out that fast, because when I did try with filming the moon, it went blurry fast. I had to do it slowly to keep it focused. Last, I am not fond of liars, or hoaxes at all. I would never try and fake a thing like that, I have nothing to gain from it. I believe people who do that, give off a sense of them not being trustworthy, because if they would want to fool others and deny it, then who knows when they are being serious? Like that book, "The boy who cried Wolf". Anyway, I would certainly like to know what that was. Oh also, I am not sure how long it lasted, because I didn't stay there until it left.