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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/3/2004 21:55 (Entered as : 10/03/2004 21:55)
Reported: 10/3/2004 2:32:42 PM 14:32
Posted: 10/27/2004
Location: Mission (Canada), BC
Shape: Circle
Duration: 30 sec.
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Five round objects in a V formation quickly moving across the night skies.

Saturday evening 8:55 pm In the city of Mission, the night skies were perfecly clear and without any notable haze or cloud cover. Looking around the skies from my backyard I watch for any falling stars and sattilites, like I do often, having to smoke(cigarettes)outside. The view from my backyard I see a large portion the northern night sky. Last night I did see a single sattalite or star fall, I was excited to see this and scanned quickly for any more falling objects. From the south east behind me I saw a cluster of round lights in a V formation, on a straight fast direction going north. It took at least 3.5 seconds to clear from one point in the sky to its dissapearing point in the north behind the tree-line of my nieghbours. The round lights were in perfect formation of a V, and I am positive that there were separate in flight. I could see stars in the background and in between the lit round objects. The brightness of each of these circular objects was about the denisity of common porchlights in the distance, though I am certain what I saw was not sattalites or falling stars.