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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/15/2003 23:30 (Entered as : 05/15/2003 23:30)
Reported: 5/14/2004 3:40:01 PM 15:40
Posted: 6/4/2004
Location: Auriol/Provence (France),
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 4 minutes
definitly not aircraft but admitedly speed same as usual satellites

As I enyoy watching satellites I look at the sky a lot. The fact that I am a seagoing Officer gives me lots of time in perfect conditions (no obstructing background lights). I spotted thes satellites? that were moving in perfect triangular formation from the north to the south. With the experience I have I can exclude the possibility of these objects being aircraft. Maybe though there are satelittes that move in non changing formations.