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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/27/2002 12:30 (Entered as : 11/27/2002 12:30)
Reported: 5/8/2004 4:43:27 PM 16:43
Posted: 5/10/2004
Location: San Francisco, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 1 minute
Triangle craft over ocean beach in san francisco

Day after Thanksgiving 2002 I was walking on Ocean Beach and happened to look up at the sky- I walk this stretch of the ocean frequently as I've lived across the street since 1996- I know what planes & helicopters look like and this was definitely some other sort of craft. I saw it up there, toward the cliff house- it was silver with some spikes sticking out, jutting out of two of its sides- like black poles which were sticking up. It also seemed to have a tail at one end- kind of like a stalk stem of a mushroom. I looked around me to see if anyone else was seeing it. I stopped and tried to see if I could flag someone down to look, too. I kept thinking, "God, is that a UFO?" There was noone likely to stop, it somehow didn't seem appropriate and the beach wasn't that crowded. It was sunny, clear, I know what I saw and it was very weird. Anyway, the even weirder thing is is how I actually felt looking at it- extremely serene and calm; it was almost like whoever was in charge of it or actually in it wanted me to see it. It lasted a long time, about 1 minute. I remember thinking, "This is like on Art Bell." I've neevr felt whatever it was I was feeling before or since when I saw it. I also rwemember thinking, "What's gong to happen?" I kept my eye on it and next thing I knew it was gone. One second there, the next, out. It was a ways up in the sky- you'd need to be looking at that patch of sky to see it or be looking at that general area and then maybe it would get your attention. Like I said, I'm used to looking at that area of the sky on walks-. I told someone I know & he said it sounds like a secret military craft- I can't recall the word he used but it sounded right- some sort of very light craft. Thanks