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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/28/2004 14:30 (Entered as : 04/28/2004 14:30)
Reported: 4/27/2004 11:54:25 PM 23:54
Posted: 4/30/2004
Location: West Des Moines, IA
Shape: Changing
Duration: 2 minutes
Characteristics: There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
((NUFORC Note: This report, in our opinion, reads as though it is a serious report. However, it was sent to us on April 27th, and the witness to the alleged events indicates that the sighting occurred on the 28th of April. This leads us to wonder whether it is a serious report. To the best of our knowledge, an Air National Guard unit would not fly Grumman F-14 "Tomcats," which are a jet flown by the U. S. Navy. An ANG unit probably would fly F-16's or F-15's. If there were other witnesses to this event, we would very much like to receive additional reports. We will forward the report to Beverly Trout, State Director for MUFON/Iowa for follow-up investigation. PD))

Iowa Air National Guard and 727 watched by UFO in West Des Moines Iowa

-The IOWA AIR NATIONAL GUARD, including 4 or more F14 Fighter jets (unsure of exact military aircraft model) were one by one flying over the Racoon River between Des Moines and West Des Moines preparing for landing.

-I was on my daily hike through the Raccon River Park in West Des Moines heading east, with the F14's directly overhead and in front of me approximately 500 feet over head. I stopped to watch them 'bank' or make a tight right turn to get in position to land at the Des Moines Airport.

-I watched the first F14, then the second, each came by about 20 seconds apart.

-As I was wathching the 2nd F14 and looking closesely to see if their were weapons attached underneath the planes (they were very close and I could see the entire plane very clearly, something entered my site above the F14's that was extemely high in the sky.

-The object started out as a small bright shining metal object because it was so high, that was all I could see.

-I watched the object come directly down from the highest point in the sky to the 3rd F14 that had now entered my view right in front of me. He had started his bank or right turn and could also see under that F14.

-Before the object was close the the F14 I could then see the shape of the object.

-Description of object: Once it had descended close enough for me to see, I saw that it was bright, shiny metallic exactly like the metal 'mercury'. It was shaped like a bullet when it was coming directly at me. It was approximately 1/2 the size of the F14.

-It approached the 3rd F14 from the top, and turned sideways and this is when I saw it change shape. It changed from a bullet looking object to a round flat sphere. The rear was not rounded, but was straight. It was able to change like controlled mercury.

-Immediately as it turned sideways it dove under the F14 and started what I call 'sniffing' at the F14, or observing the underneath of the plane.

-It was maintaing the same speed with the F14 as it went from the right wing, ducked under the F14 exhaust,engine and went to the left wing and continued the same observation on that side of the F14.

-The 3rd F14 continued its extreme turn to head for the Des Moines Airport and the object then left the F14 turning left off of the left wing or heading west.

-The object flew slowly at the same altitude approximately 500 feet and hovered.

-The object then turned to face west, while hovering.

-The object hovered after turning as if it was looking at something west, or behind me. I had a perfect view at this time of the object as it was approximately 1000 feet from me.

-The object then turned north, while hovering, then flew at approximately a 75 degree angle upwards straight again to the highest point I could see in the sky at extremely high speeds, but still able to watch it leave our space. I would say it was like watching a F14 go almost straight up at full speed (which I have watched) and multiple that speed by 10.

-The other or rest of the F14's made thier approach while I was watching the object leave.

-20 seconds later 727 passenger jet came over my left shoulder at the same height of the F14's. That is what the object seemed to be looking at, but by the time the jet had gotten parellel with me, the object was out of view.

-Witnesses: The pilots of the 727 had to see the object, it was right in front of them hovering. The 3rd F14 pilot had to see the object immediately when it was descended upon. It was also right in front of his windshield. The 4th F14 pilot was right behind the 3rd and had to see the object, no question. Myself as a witness.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))