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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/23/1994 00:45 (Entered as : 05/23/1994 0:45)
Reported: 3/29/2004 8:26:07 PM 20:26
Posted: 4/9/2004
Location: Bend, OR
Shape: Disk
Duration: 3.5 hours
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object changed color, The object landed
it came up to us as fast as it left us and shined us hard with white/blueish lights. lots of energy felt...and wind

We came out of the cave and sat for a while looking at the full moon on5/23/94. A light or thought a cart was coming and we all ran towords the car our car... The light then turned on A DIFFERENT BLUE/TOURQUOISE/WHITISH LIGHT AND left the area...20 to 30 min later it came back and we were farther away freom our car and it came up to us very rapidly and shined us all 3 fo us, very hard. the only thing I treid to say is stay positive and think opositive to everyone.. and then it left as quickly as it came and that was it. by that time it was 3:45 am and the sun was coming soon..buty wait until the next month on our 1 month aneversery...we say the ship.. the actuall ship,but no little dudes came out! fucking scary...our ten year is coming..I am going out to camp and maybe.......we will see it afain...keep dreaming...