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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/11/1989 22:00 (Entered as : 02/11/1989 22:00 PM)
Reported: 2/17/2004 8:40:17 PM 20:40
Posted: 3/2/2004
Location: Chicago, IL
Shape: Other
Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object emitted beams
February 1989 Roger's Park Chicago Northside 10PM -12:15AM Very Bright Lights/Bell Shape Craft

This happened in Roger's Park at 1339 W. Estes Avenue 1/2 block from Sheridan Road while living in a second floor apartment with my husband at the time. It is near 10 PM at night and I (administrative assistant) am drying and putting away dishes telling my husband (graphic artist/muscian) that I just have the feeling someone is going to stop by our place tonight. We are getting ready to watch the 10 o'clock news and begin to unpeg the futon couch to make it into a bed in front of our 27" floor model TV. He comes over to my side and says, "Look out the window" and he takes my hand and we walk over to see what the bright light flooding the courtyard is about. We find it very strange and I ask him, "What do you think it is?" He says, "Do you think they are filming a movie on top of our roof?" I say, "It is very bright like the Kleig movie set lights...that's so silly, it's the middle of February at 10 o'clock at night and why on top of our roof?!" He suggest we put our coats on and go outside to check it out. I step outside the foyer door onto the sidewalk where I can see my shadow like daylight (not full moon light) and exclaim how bright it is that I see my shadow like in daylight! We look up toward the roof and it is just so brilliantly white bright and we can not see beyond the castle cut-out like roof edge. We decide to walk out of the courtyard where the sidewalk is to see if we see movie trucks parked on the street and we do not. We decide to walk around to the west side of our building and there is no bright light there and nothing we can see three stories up on the roof. He wonders if there is a helicopter on our roof then, though we hear nothing like a helicopter. As we are walking back toward the sidewalk and down the street toward our courtyard we both stop simultaneously noticing that something feels very different and we bounce off of each other some strange it's 10 o'clock at night and there is absolutely no busy traffic, no traffic sounds, no traffic at ! all on S heridan Road and we observe the light changing from green to red...we notice there are no "double parked cars" or pizza delivery cars, no one out walking, etc. It also seems strange that no one is looking out their windows noticing the bright light in our courtyard alone. It seems like time and space are at a standstill and we are the only two people left in the world! We decide to go back to the courtyard and try and look up toward the top of the roof again. I pull out some sunglasses I have in my coat pocket and put them on to see if I can see any better with them on. Next we remember going back inside the apartment on the second floor. Once inside our apartment I say to my husband, "Do you think we should call the police? Or will the lights be gone by the time the police arrive here and they'll just think we are nuts?" He suggests we talk to our neighbors in the morning to see if any of them saw anything and to just wait and " time" to see how long the lights continue to stay on outside. We look at an electric wall clock in our dinning room/music room that reads 10:30 PM and I say we couldn't have been out there for more than 10 minutes, how can it be 10:30 already! We both look at the VCR on top of the TV and the clock reads 12:00 midnight. We both feel that something is wrong with the time. We notice the lights are gone by 12:15 AM according to the VCR clock and the clock in the other room is stopped and stuck at 10:30 never works again. We feel very exhausted and confused and go to bed. By morning time, we notice the VCR clock is correct in correlation with the morning tv programs. Now we both realize we could not possibly have been outside for nearly two hours when it seemed less than 10 minutes! None of our neighbors had noticed any light in the courtyard night before at all. I am very alarmed and I call my mother (LPN nurse) in Indiana saying I have something strange to tell her and she says she has something very strange to tell me about how she woke up in the middle of the night wit! h three short dark beings by her bedside all 3 wearing large different hats. She finds herself paralyzed and in terror, she closes her eyes and opens them again and they are still there. She is unable to wake my father (retired pipefitter) up. She wants to move and run and can't, she wants to scream and can't. She is reciting all the bible verses she can recall to her mind hoping this will make them go away because she thinks they are evil and they are still there...she says she was not dreaming and they were very real to her and eventually they did go away. She is a very skeptical/logical person and is unwilling to talk of or speak of this bizarre thing to anyone else. She was very frightened and terrorfied by the experience and wonders if I could possibly have anything to do with it? I tell her the story about the lights. Over the course of a year, my husband is contiunally physcially ill and I go to the doctor with him to explain he is being mis-diagnosed and they need to find out what is the matter with him with the same symptoms I have been noticing. Seems he could have what is known as "yuppie flu" as he is a 60 hour a week work-a-holic...chronic fatigue is very controversial in the late 1980tys and his doctor decides to become more specialized and find out as much as he can to help him. By the 1990tys my husband's insurance company wants to know which he has - chronic fatigue syndrome or epstein barr virus...there is "tilt-table" test at St. Joseph's Hospital in Chicago and it is determined he has both in high numbers which qualifies him for disability pay, later he develops hypo-thyroid condition and fibromyalgia. He gradually recalls feeling back to the experience that he may have been "ruffed up by some men" It saddens me to see him ill and I decide because I am the healthier one that I will undergo some hypnotherapy sessions to try and recall that missing time. During the sessions it is like I am re-living the experience. When I put on my sunglasses to look up on the roof toward the br! ight lig ht to see better...under hypnosis recall I find myself suddenly level with the roof top in the air and I am looking at a round bell-shaped craft with windows and an open door with pale light inside...there is brilliant bright light outside and a blue flashing light is attractive and over-whelming feelings of fun-ride over here, like excitement at an amusement park and next it is urgent, like an emergency room rush over here.!I have not made it past this part in my hypnosis experience, so it's suggested that my mind/unconscious is blocking me not allowing me to see it all because I could not handle it...also I have heard of some kind of hypnosis gift or technique called "rapid induction" where a few dozen hypnotherapists in the U.S. are able to take their clients under very deeply, fully, walk them thru whole traumatic experience without them coming out of sesssion and able to give counsel at the end of session (such as in kidnapping/rape cases). I have not met any hypnotherapists who do such. I have come out of my sesssions feeling post traumatic stress disorder, so I had decided to stop altogether. This experience in Chicago I would say has been very life altering.

((NUFORC Note: One of six, seemingly credible, reports submitted by same witness. Date of event is approximate. PD))