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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/12/2004 18:00 (Entered as : 02/12/1904 18:00)
Reported: 2/12/2004 9:57:02 PM 21:57
Posted: 3/2/2004
Location: Port Coquitlam (Canada), BC
Shape: Circle
Duration: 3 hours
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
VERY bright light in the sky, doesn't move at all, red light blinking around it, gradually disappears in the end and no trace left.

I saw the object in the sky with my dad when we were standing on the balcony. It was floating there by itself with no stars around it. The reason my dad and I noticed this was because compared to all the other stars, it was unbelievably bright. It was so bright that it was quite hard to look at. If it were a plane, it would've been moving and less bright. This 'thing' however, didnt move at all for about 3 hours... It just floated there. Occasionally you would be able to see a red light moving towards it from different directions. One time the red light came up from the bottom right hand corner of the light. As it neared the light, it faded away. A few minutes later, i saw with my binoculars, the red light moving in from the top left hand corner of the light. I zoomed in on the light with my binoculars and i saw that the light was made up of two round lights. One right above the other and slightly to the right. the top one was red-ish orange and the bottom was a very light green-ish white light. these two together shone like the brightest light in the sky. It was amazing. Every once in a while i'd see the red light again. and the bright (two) lights would just float there and not move an inch. When i looked at it through binoculars i thought i just saw two lights.. the most 'shape' i saw out of it would have to be a circle... if i had better binoculars, i may have been able to see more. I wonder if it was a UFO because it didnt move.. i watched it for a while and it seemed to be getting lighter and lighter as the time passed. eventually i stopped looking at it and only glanced at it every few minutes. it got lighter and lighter.. one minute it wuz still a pretty bright light compared to the others.. and then next second it had disappeared... The way it shone.. i cant forget. it was like the middle of it shone the brightest and around it it shone like crazy too. it was soo bright around and the light itself. nothing could've been shining like that.. nothing normal anyway..

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. We would like a corroborating report from the father, but we have no way of contacting the witness. PD))