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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/10/1994 21:00 (Entered as : 03/10/1994 21:00)
Reported: 12/20/2003 2:56:40 PM 14:56
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: Olympia, WA
Shape: Oval
Duration: 10 seconds
Characteristics: There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Two oval shaped, firefly-like, yellow glowing craft, flew overhead at great speeds with erratic movement.

Myself and three friends observed a mostly stationary light over the bay from a second floor apartment window. The light seemed to stay basically in one spot over the bay, but moved slightly, enought to interest us in just why it seemed to not be approaching or moving away, up, down, left or right. This light appeared to be at least 3/4 of a mile away. My close friend (age 24) and myself (age 19) decided to investigate from a closer vantage point. Leaving our other two friends in the apartment, we walked across the street, and over toward the bay, about four city blocks, into a semi-industrial area of downtown Olympia. This happened on a Friday night, plenty of teenagers cruising the strip in cars and trucks, and at 9:00pm, when most people would still be awake. These two factors seemed strange to my friend and I later. Anyway, keeping our eyes on the original light over the bay, we walked into a part of town which has since been made into a new public transit station. The area was not well lit, but we could still see the main one-way street, the basic downtown area, as well as the apartment from which we had just walked. We stopped walking toward the bay and watched the light as it began to approach our area, seeming to come straight toward us. It soon became apparent that it was two lights, both white, blinking lights. We made a couple humorous and skeptical verbal observations in an attempt to make each other nervous, or poke fun at ourselves, I suppose, for investigating what seemed to be a small airplane. The lights came directly overhead, and it did in fact appear to be the lights on the end of a small airplane's wings, blinking in unison. Although we could not make out the shape of the assumed airplane, the speed at which it (the lights) was moving seemed that of an average small plane. When the airplane was just passing directly over our heads, two craft appeared above, behind (going the same direction but not quite caught up to it yet), and slightly north of it. These objects were identical in size, shape, and color. They appeared seemingly out of nowhere. They moved at an astonishing rate of speed compared to the airplane. They moved in the same basic direction of the plane, but in a manner that neither of us had ever seen before. They seemed to "wiggle" almost, like watching a coin fall down through water, erratic, almost like the atmosphere around them was being manipulated, quite literally looking like stones skipped on the surface of water, like the air they moved through was bumpy, yet they negotiated it so quickly and with such fluid motion (which I know sounds contradictory to "bumpy" or "wiggling" movement). They were basically side by side, but appeared to move independently of each other. God, I haven't had to recall this in such detail since the few days following the event, telling it to my mother. My body feels nervous again. Anyway, the two objects shot past the airplane and out of sight to the east quite suddenly. The total time we viewed the objects was 8 to 10 seconds, which seemed like plenty to us. As far as appearance goes, like I said, they were identical. They were oval shaped; that's the easy part of the physical description. The part I find hard to describe is the color and, well, how they seemed to glow. Yellow. Color is simple I suppose. But it wasn't just yellow, they seemed "alive", I guess, like a firefly, and even in the short time we viewed them, we could see that they glowed not like a traditional light bulb, not like a filament (sp?) inside or like flourescent (sp?) bulbs, but the WHOLE craft glowed that yellow, and not at a constant brightness. They seemed to "warm" or something, I don't know. Like a firefly, that yellow glow seemed to be produced from inside in an almost organic looking way. I have since become interested in UFO research and have always looked for photographs or descriptions that match the objects me and my friend saw that night. I have seen somewhat similar looking pictures, but I don't reca! ll seeing video footage of the exact movement and glowing qualities we saw. Anyway, the two of us were skeptics before this incident, and I suppose I still am. My friend has since moved to NYC and I haven't spoken to him for a few years. Last time I saw him, in 2000, after our "how've you been"s and "nice to see ya"s were out of the way, the conversation went straight for our experience back in 1994. Neither of us have had a sighting like that one since, and I remain a skeptic, but in the year following our experience, I did see two yellow objects skipping through the sky at night again, and again, DOWNTOWN Olympia, which isn't a huge metropolis or anything, but there are plenty of people walking around. I began to assume that people must just not look up or something. I began to worry that I was MEANT to see these things, among a few other quickly passing thoughts that made me feel insane for a minute. I phoned the local AM radio station, which is located right on the bay mentioned (we would have walked right to the station had we kept going in the direction we were walking when we went to get a closer look at the original light we saw) the next morning. I asked whoever answered the phone if they had received any calls mentioning anything "odd" or having anything to do with seeing anything "abnormal" in the sky above the bay, and asked if anyone at the station had seen anything or heard about any strange things in the sky above their station. I tried to avoid the word "UFO" as I always assume that most average Americans won't take me seriously. Nothing. They said they hadn't heard of or seen anything, hadn't had a single phone call about anything at all. The guy's voice seemed skeptical; I suppose he thought I was pranking him or something. This is the first time I have officially reported or claimed this event in any way. I have told a select handfull of friends over the past nine years, as well as my mother. I told my mother first, because she knows I don't lie to her, and I was such a ! wreck for a few days following the incident, I NEEDED to tell someone that I knew would believe me. I felt crazy and my mind wandered into such new and frightening territory. That night altered not only my skeptical and analytical mind, but also my perception of REALITY, PERMANENTLY. I have never been the same since. I look up with a different appreciation, not only for the sky, but for my place on this planet, my species, and I think most of all, I wonder about all the other possibilities, facts, and realities that our government knows of and won't tell us about. If those things I saw were not of this world, then I imagine that our government knows they are there at the least. If they ARE of this world, then I imagine that our government has technology quite beyond things I've seen in movies, and that frightens me a bit more than the prospect of being "secretly" observed by another species. Overall, I would mostly like to state that this has not been a positive experience for me. My dreams following this event were not pleasant and restfull ones. My thoughts are filled with frightening images and questions. A general feeling of anxiety and uneasiness takes over my mind and body at times. As I get older, I wish so much that I could be filled with the excitement and wonder and curiosity I've read about others feeling when they speak of their own experiences. I was traumatized by this event. I shook until the next morning. While I am interested intensely in this area, I AM quite troubled by the mystery of it all. I DO want to KNOW. I used to scoff at this crap. I don't even know who you people are or why I'm telling you all this. Maybe I felt some hope when I heard you on Coast to Coast the other night. I heard you say something about reporting sightings and then "easy to remember web address, UFO center dot com. All you have to remember is UFO Center." Well, I wrote it down. Here is my hope: If there is any chance of me making contact with anyone else that might have seen what I saw! that night, I would like to talk to them or write e-mails or ANYTHING. I have lost contact with the friend that I saw these things with and haven't talked to him for about three years. I feel very alone when it comes to this subject in my life. If feels pointless and silly to try to talk to even my fiance about it because she is such a skeptic herself that even though she knows (I think) that I'm telling her the truth, she can't really FEEL it. I don't know why I've rambled so long. This is my first attempt at contacting others like me if they're even out there. Thanks, I think, if you are who I hope you are.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))