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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/26/2003 13:00 (Entered as : 08/26/03 13:00)
Reported: 8/29/2003 12:35:58 PM 12:35
Posted: 9/4/2003
Location: Singapore,
Shape: Unknown
Duration: A few minutes
Moon-like object spotted up in the sky next to the sun during the afternoon

On Tuesday afternoon, while I was belaying some kids (some form rope and hook sport where you are secured with a rope to climb) I happened to look up at the sky. There were dark clouds gathered and they seem to be moving. I guess it was because it was going to rain soon, although it was kinda weird that the clouds were dark since it was a very sunny day. I was wearing my sunglasses and squinting at the Sun. Then I saw this Moon-like object high up in the clouds, about an inch away from the Sun (from my position). It looked like the Moon, or a planet, only it's a little bigger then the Moon when it's full. I couldn't believe what I was seeing because this was during the afternoon, about 2-3+pm. At first I thought it might be the Moon but how could the Moon and the Sun be in the sky next to each other at the same time? I told my friend to look up and she saw it too, she thought it was the Moon but that's impossible. It wasn't as bright as the Sun, it looked disc-like, I even saw some dark patches on it, kinda like the Moon with its craters. on it. What's even more surprising is that this 'Moon' was moving. I couldn't remember which direction, but I think it was revolving around the Sun. At the same time the dark clouds were moving pass it, sort of like it was trying to hide the appearance of this object. Every few momens I would stare at it again to make sure it was still there and not a trick of the eye. I was holding the life of a kid in my hands since I was belaying. Wouldn't be too good if I had to explain why I was careless enough to let a kid drop 15 feet to his death. Haha. Ok back to the topic. After a while, the object moved towards the sun, at a very high speed I guess, from the ground it looked like it was moving 1 cm a second, but multiply it by the distance this object is away from us, I think that's a very high speed. And moments later, the object seemed to merged with the Sun, sort of like an eclispe, except without the Sun darkening or whatever.