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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/16/2003 00:45 (Entered as : 07/16/03 12:45)
Reported: 7/30/2003 6:29:40 AM 06:29
Posted: 8/1/2003
Location: Brighton, MI
Shape: Unknown
Duration: Bright bluish/purple ligh
Characteristics: The object made a sound, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object, There were electrical or magnetic effects
Heavy winds, Pulsating sound, Bluish/purple light , lots of electrical current

On July 16th 2003 at Approx 12:00 a.m.,. I was getting ready for bed and just turned off the airconditioner and opened up the windows for fresh air. My husband was in the kitchen getting some mid-night snack. My 2 boys age 19 and 10 and their two friends age 12 and 14 had headed up to the grocery store on their skateboards to get some sodas. My last words to them was to be quiet when they get back. I looked at my clock and it was 12:30, I laid down and then it started, The wind picked up and was very strong, my blinds on the windows are very heavy and they where banging around as if a storm was moving in, I remember yelling out to my husbans., Boy feel that nice breeze coming in. Well anyways I closed my eyes and must have dosed off lightly, The next thing I remember is that my eyes opened and I looked over toward the window, and I heard this Whum Whum Whum then a loud like explosion or something Then the power went out. I jumped out of bed and tried to find some shorts to put on as I was talking to my husband in the other room yelling: Did you see that Did you feel that Something is not right here something is not right here, I went out into the dining area to light a candle and the power went back on, My husband seen the lights from the livingroom and could feel the electric pressure on him. No sooner as I was getting ready to go out side I heard the Boys running down the stairs to come in Yelling and just pumped up with energy : Did you see that, What was that , Mom we could'nt move it went right through us I have never seen my boys so scared, They said the hair on them stood up .They could'nt move. I told them to stay in because something just is'nt right That my husband and I are going to go outside and see whats going on. So we walked out to the back of the Apts looked around and then Heard chopper coming from the otherside of the building so we went to the front of the Apts and saw 2 large helipcopters flying toward us going North and they were very low and VERY FAST I looked c! losley and did not see any white stripe on them which tells me they were NOT Medi flight More Like Goverment DARK (maybe Black) copters. So we went back in the house to get keys to the car and told boys to stay in the house, that we were going to see whats going on. We got in the car and realized we had no gas so we headed toward gas station on Ols US 23 and Lee road, got out of the car and the lady that was working yelled out to us our pumps are not working power went out and on and we don't know how to reset them. One lady that was there said her battery went dead and I asked them what they seen and they said BRIGHT LIGHTS BLUISH IN COLOR. They seemed to my abit stunned. So we went to the station across the street and I went in to see if there pumps where working and they went sure so we tried to get gas and no luck. So we headed back home. Went in the house and the boys where still all pumped up and talking. They decided to go back outside and I told them not to be to loud it's late and don't wake up the neighbors. My husband and I finally went to bed and no sooner did we fall asleep the boys came tearing into the house and yelling Mom you got to see this,Mom you got to see this, So they brought me a small piece of branch from a tree and the leaves were dead and curled and I am thinking to myself (so it's a dead branch so what, and then my 19 year old said to me : Mom I cut through the wall everyday to go to work and move this out of my way AND IT WAS NOT LIKE THIS WHEN I GOT HOME TONIGHT. he was scared. I took the branch and told them to go wash their hands from what appears to be a white residue on it and I placed it in a plastic bag and put it in the hallway. I do have the branch now in a safe place incase anyone wants to study it.. I told the boys to write down their thoughts and how they felt because We needed our sleep and I know they would have stayed up all night talking about it and would have kept my husband and I up. Slept all night and went to work the next day and approx 9:15 a.m next mor! ning at work, The phone rang and it was the assistant manager from the apts asking me: What the Hell was that last night? She also was woken up because her Cat jumped on her in bed and was just as how she put it VIBERATING. The cat never has done that before, she usally hides when there is a storm but no storm insight but something scared the hell out of my cat. Well later in the week I asked many people in the area and some say nothing and some remember the power going out and 1 remembers his cat freaking out while he was tring to play video games and he knows power went out too. Meanwhile now we hear they found a crop circle in Howell that weeks time frame. So I guess my question is : Who can contact us to help ease the mind alittle of the events that happen around us. My son and I have started a little file on the weird and bizzare pheomenons in our Hometown. Thanks for reading and hope one day we all can share stories together.

((NUFORC Note: We presume the event occurred on Wednesday morning, July 16, 2003. We will attempt to document the alleged power failure. PD))