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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/15/1978 18:00 (Entered as : 10/15/78 1800)
Reported: 6/9/2003 8:04:35 PM 20:04
Posted: 6/10/2003
Location: Shelby Township, MI
Shape: Disk
Duration: 25 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Witnessed 2 Mich State Troopers run from close encouter of second kind

Not sure of the date. It was Oct, could be Oct. '77 or '79. This is 1 of several sightings that I have had and the last to be what I consider extra-terrestrial. I just got done bowling from my Tuesday bowling league. I was going to a bar right after that to have a few beer with a friend of mine and discuss the upcoming Lions game. Actually both of us were were more interested in the gal working behind the bar. Anyways, I left the bowling ally and proceeded north to my destination. Nice evening. Sun still up. Beautiful fall day.I went about a 1/4 mile and all of a sudden my FM radio started making a hissing noise that I never heard on the radio before. I pushed the buttons set to different frequencys and got the same hiss. I took the tuner button and manually turnd the radio throughout the whole FM band and all I got was the same noise. Then I tried the same thing on the AM band to no avail. I thought my radio was broke being I got the same noise on both bands all the way through both bands. I got to the bar I was headed for and parked facing south. One more time I tried to go through the Am band and all of a sudden the Am band started fading in. Just as this happemed I noticed something in my peripheral a few hundred yards moving south. It was below 500 ft altitude and I heard no sound as it passed by me. I couldn't see it as it passed by me in the parking lot because it was almost directly overhead. It hit me that this craft was putting out some kind of electromagnetic interference. Next thing that hit my mind was to identify the craft so I got out of the car. The craft was gaining altitude then leveled off at no more than 1,000 ft. I got a very good look, no wings, no rotor, no gondola. Just a disk shaped object, big red light on top of the dome, all kind of flashing lights on the edge. Looked like something out of a Spielberg movie. This was no plane, helicopter, ballon or even marsh gas. I could clearly see the edge of the disk did not come to a point but was about 4 1/4 feet thick at the edge. I would like to point out at this time I am a vetran of naval aviation and familiar with identifying air craft. I worked on fligt lines on naval air stations, air force bases, and the air craft carrier John F. Kennedy pre flighting air craft, launching, recovering, and maintaining aircraft. I worked as an aviation fire control bombing technition in a photo recon squadron. I was also in an electronic warfare squadron where I also worked in radio communication, radio navigation and electronic warfare systems. I believe I knew what I saw and what was happening. By the way, that is the only time the radio in that car didn't work. Next thing I knew my friend was hollering from behind me, "Did you see those lights?" I told him I could still see them. The object was heading south about 1/2 mile away at that time. Then by chance another friend and his wife happened to drive up and park. First friend said he saw the craft enter the atmosphere from many miles up, more miles higher than any plane could ever fly. He said it came down below treetop level. That is where I first saw it, rising from a field where I used to play little league baseball. That is about the time I saw it as it was gaining altitude and going south. Second friend and his wife happened to be coming home from visiting the wife's mother and thought they were watching a planecrash. I pointed the object out to them. Their jaws dropped wide open. Many people saw this. Next to show were State Police. They saw people milling around, stopped and we had a short conversation something like this: Cops- "What is everybody looking at?" Me- "A ufo, sir".

Cops- laughing and making coments about little green men.

Me- "Do you want to see the ufo?" Cops- "Yes!" Me- "Then turn your heads and look out the windshield." End of conversation because when they turned their heads to look, they saw, then their jaws dropped wide open. Then suddenly for a split second they looked at each other. Next thing they did was simultainiously roll their squad car windows shut and proceed down the road approaching close to 100 mph.I never saw the objct do more than 20 mph. I'm starting to think I whised that I was with them because by the time they got a half mile down the road they got a nice close look, but then all of a sudden they slamed on the brakes and ducked into a restaurant for coffee and doughnuts. So my friends and I had to chase it down ourselves. We kept up with it for almost 20 minutes until we lost sight of it. I talk to very few people abouy ufos

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. We have encouraged the witness to obtain the exact date of the event by checking the local newspapers for the date of the Lions' game. PD))