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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/2/2003 22:00 (Entered as : 06/02/03 22:00)
Reported: 6/8/2003 1:30:19 AM 01:30
Posted: 6/10/2003
Location: Cancun (south of) (Mexico),
Shape: Light
Duration: 5 Mins
I am compelled to relay this recent experience of mine to anyone that may usefully document it. Keep in mind it's an account written by the biggest paranormal/UFO skeptic going but my partner of 7 years and I DEFINATELY witnessed something unusual on a recent unwind trip in Mexico this past week. We are both two very sane, sober professional Minnesota guys in our thirties and were hardly in search of anything more exciting than some R and R by the pool when we landed in Cancun this past Monday. After quickly being shuttled to our resort just south of Cancun we settled in our room and indulged in the food accomadations but skipped the complimentary Tacates because after a 4 hour trip all we wanted was to shower and inspect the fantastic playground and beach. We were already relaxed and by this time it was dark. Neither of us were tired though, flying from Minneapolis we had the luxury of being in the same time zone and I can assure you NOTHING clouded our vision that night. We sat togther on two empty lounge chairs on the beach no more than a few feet from the grounds of the resort and discussed our options for our all inclusive packaged week. We had never been to Cancun and it was exciting. Above us was a spectacular sky, there were a few clouds and it was a little windy but altogther quite clear. My partner had pointed out a few constellations I had never seen before having never been that far south in my life and no later than a few seconds after he started talking about the sky then TWO BRIGHT WHITE STARS from opposite sides of the beach MOVED toward each other. SHOOTING STAR/S????????????!!!!We were intantly stunned and silent as they slowly moved toward each other, they then sort of stopped and "kissed", moved slowly apart then across the sky again, sometimes in perfect unison and at other times at different speeds and zig zag patterns. I can say that neither of them circled in any way or ever appeared to come close to the ground. They moved in straight lines, stopped an! d then changed pace and pattern over and over. We were actually laughing in amazement, scouring the dark beach for other witnesses to this event but the only sound was the faint chatter of the full restaurants in the backround. It was a real "What the hell is happening" moment and the more excited and vocal we got in our astonishement the more faster and elaborate the patterns got, almost as if these things knew there was an audience! It lasted no more than a few minutes, they just lost their brigtness and faded abruptly. We couldn't take our eyes from the sky but they didn't return that night and we didn't check again on any other night although we talked about it often as we enjoyed the rest of our vacation just freaked that it had occured. Nothing like that had happened to either of us before in our lives. It changes you a bit. We didn't feel threatened by these things, and nobody in the world could ever discount that moment for us although I'm very open for an explanation for this because from our hotel patio during the day I COULD see large, noisy commercial flights taking off in that vacinity from the local airport. These were not planes and I have seen amusement park/Vegas style light effects in the sky before and I know that these things definately could not be produced in that way. In fact it was much more than just seeing these thing that we experienced that night, we both had an overwhelming sense of being "performed" to as if something was communicating and although it wasn't clear what that was it wasn't beligerent in any way and maybe enhanced our trip altogether. I was ready to ditch this memory this wind down weekend back home until I searched "Cancun" and "UFO' on the internet out of curiosity and again found my self astounded by a few eerily and almost IDENTICAL experiences to ours in the very same area involving "dancing stars". For this reason I add our account for whatever it may be worth, remaining as true and accurate to it as I can possibly be.