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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/18/2002 17:30 (Entered as : 12/18'02 17:30)
Reported: 12/18/2002 10:41:37 PM 22:41
Posted: 12/2/2013
Location: Zwolle, LA
Shape: Other
Duration: 21:00
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object emitted other objects, The object made a sound, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
I have an entire armada of different type crafts appear in a short time and it is almost overwhelming!

Tonight has been a most unusual night, since the Geminid began there has been many strange objects of "starlike" shape, these star shapes are silver and gold with flashing lights of green, blue and red, for each silver object a gold one is positioned beside it at an equal distance, there are 40 or more of these and as said these have been in the sky since the evening of 12/13/02 and appeared to use "meteor's" to seed clouds which they then engulfed.

As of last evening they did not make or abosorb any more clouds, all have been stationary with the exception of 2 of which 1 chased an airplane a few nights ago and last night a gold one raced across the sky and became almost cigar shaped.

Tonight the skys are very cloudy with heavy winds, the waether where I live is strange as few rain storms ever come over because they break and split apart prior, the clouds look like they are pouring into a hole at a place a mile or so away{this is the origination of a strange sighting last Sept}, many funnel clouds have formed and made way to this place, being funnel clouds are very common due to the weather pattern they got noticed tonight for pointing downward when usually they just roll across the sky. Where they form is to the S-SW and were formed as they usually do across the sky but when approaching the convergence of the Westerly& Southerly winds{cause of weather pattern} the funnels pointed downward, when they reached the converging point an oval light would jet down toward the ground, this happened several times so I began retracing from N-S and was amazed to see these ovals hiding themselves in the funnels near where most of them form, when a funnel appeared to be dispersing the oval would come to the end of the tube/funnel and wait for small dark clouds to get near and then would hide behind them, I saw at least 50 do this, they are about the size of a gymnasium maybe even larger. Once I got an idea of what is happening I began to notice the clouds they hide behind if losing their funnel had distinct shapes, ! I was al most unsure if I could stand it all, some clouds had the shape of a flying V and bigger than the ovals and others triangular and yet some were chevron shaped, I saw 20+ of these. When I began looking thru my binoculars I could see ver faint red/range blue and green dots covring the chevron shaped objects and last Sept. there were hundreds of the red/orange going into the sky, up then as if dancing then across the horizon with equal distance between, they appeared to be the same or similar dots, as well last Sept. the red dots appeared to be fighting with something to resemble a red dragon almost like a phoenix but not quite, the battle happened almost overhead but at once the stars seemingly exploded{may have been the "starlike" objects here now but I was'nt paying that much attention then} after a heavy fog covered most of the sky but left open the place from where they came from the ground, after 9/11/01 and this madness going on we contacted the Sheriffs Dept who responded with 4 deputies, most of the red balls were gone but 2 graciously appeared above a dead pine just as the deputies were writing me off as a "Knut", they had little to say about and I jokingly stated it probably to be "Swamp Gas" then they left, several nights later an octagonal craft came from the south going north{the UFO hole}, it had faint blacklights surrounding the edge but were on the underside, had 2 big lights across the face which resemble a ZZTop album cover and a rectangular set of red lights that would flash differently as if it were some type of communication, this craft is able to hover and move horizontal at great speeds, if I focused my binoculars a bit off te starlike objects could well be similar but the stars would have been made of several of these hex ones, I have several witnesses for each account !!! Back to tonights show, as well as the starlike, the red/orange dots, the chevron, triangular and Vshapes there were smaller ovals but they had a more oblong appearence. The small ovals did not use funnels but seemed to hold white clouds together and move from south to north as did the others, these would sometimes be in small groups of 4 or 5 in the same cloud, they moved on the clouds bottomside and disappeared as did the others. Where the sky breaks the incoming storms approximately 2 miles south I would see a flicker now and then but with all the excitement it took a while to give them much attention, once I focused on them I saw small green, blue and red semi-cigar shapes that would scramble behind the clouds anytime a clear spot appeared, there were too many small dot and semi-cigar shapes to try to count. As of now the event is still happening and while peering out my sliding glass doors a gigantic rounded hexagonal shape with a bulging circle in the center just came over using a dark cloud for concealment.

I have an idea that I may be near a centralized location for some sort of being that is capable of technology beyond ours, that uses things from the atmosphere for an unknown purpose, is very diverse and that lives under ground as a large society of sorts as well as occasionally emerging and re-entering for the reason of stockpiling whatever it is they take from the atmosphere/clouds. Apparently they are peaceful enough because I have had nor heard of any encounters with them other than sightings.

I also believe I may be in way over my head in trying to unvail any more information alone, where would one begin to look for help ??? I am going to close now and continue observing and will gladly inform you all of anymore findings !