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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/4/2002 05:30 (Entered as : 080202? 0530)
Reported: 9/14/2002 10:42:45 AM 10:42
Posted: 9/19/2002
Location: Northumberland, PA
Duration: unknown
Northumberland, PA: Information about the Todd Sees case,

This is a copy of a letter I sent to a member of Seattle's UFOCCI.

I live 2 miles from the locaton of the possible abduction/death of Todd Sees. I also live ((deleted)) to someone that knew him well.

There seems to be a lot of cover up and misinformation surrounding this case.

My friends ((deleted)) work with Todd Sees father. ((deleted)) is related to the ((deleted)) of Todd Sees. The ((deleted)) best friend and Todd's son were part of the search party, and helped retrieve the body. They are the only eye witness (I've found) so far as to actually viewing the body.

The dogs never picked up his scent. nor found his missing clothes. The body was found on Monday night at 9 pm. So he'd been out in the heat and humidity for 39 1/2 hours. He should have been swelling from body gasses at that time. But he was emaciated (as per the ufo report. This has not yet been verified).

The 4 wheeler was at the top of the ridge. His body was found face down, 25 yards from his house. He was wearing only his boxers. There was a spot on his right forehead that was showing signs of decay, the rest of his body was intact. He was holding his throat (suffocating?) An allergic reaction to bee venom, could have cause his throat to close and he might have suffocated (but no bee stings found) And why call in the FBI for bee or snake bite? He had a red rag tied around his right arm and there was a dead rattlesnake beside him. They expected to find puncture wounds from a snake bite, but there were no puncture wounds any where. If he'd been snake bit... there would be a good sized blackened area of necrotic tissue, surrounding the punctures. As far as snake bite goes, this was a strong, athletic, 38 year old male. Rattlesnake venom, would most likely NOT have killed him at all. He would have been able to find his way home in time to get to a hospital. With snake venom, he might have had some nervous system problems... disorientation, tremors etc.

The report that I heard yesterday was really bogus; "We think he was stung by bees, but because his body was so decayed you couldn't see welts from the stings nor find venom in his system." His body wasn't decayed.. and a toxicology report has not been filed. And if he were being stung, why would he remove his clothing? I'd jump on the 4 wheeler and head down hill.

There are two conflicting reports about the one shoe. UFO report says it was in a tree. The police report says beside the 4 wheeler. Why would he take off his shoe, (maybe so he could remove his bibbed cammy pants?) But if he did this, why would he leave the road? This is a very wooded area, hard to walk through. The road would lead straight home, yet he chose to take to the undergrowth and forest. There were no keys, no other clothing found.

When my friends ((deleted)) asked questions of Todd's father, ((deleted)) told her that everyone was told they COULD NOT SPEAK ABOUT IT.   ((deleted)) says his father, the wife, the son the friend (who both saw the body), are not talking and are still just 'stunned'. I was told they're acting very strange.. no expressions, just scared and emotionless. The father did say that they don't know any more than the general public.

Now... here's the worst thing;   If he was stung by bees or snake bit... why were special agents (they say FBI) brought in? Why did they take over? Why was no one allowed near the body? AND... no one was called to identify the remains. No one, not even the wife was allowed to view the body. There was a funeral, with a closed coffin. NO ONE WAS EVERY ALLOWED TO SEE THE BODY.   The family has said they doubt that there was a body in the coffin.

As for the reports by the local farmers, and the fishermen on the Susquehanna river: Pennsylvanian's are VERY simple people. They don't like change and they live very simple lives. I haven't found any one, in the 3 years since we moved here, that has a belief in ET's, UFO's etc. They would just laugh it off if that were ever suggested. If they made a report of a strange sighting, then you can be sure they were telling the truth.

((NUFORC Note: We have received other information from this witness. Our strong suspicion is that the information provided in this report is submitted by a credible source. The individual is a trained professional, and may submit additional information in the future. PD))

((NUFORC Note: The date originally shown in this report was August 02, 2002. However, the correct date of Mr. Sees' disappearance was Sunday, August 04, 2002, so we have corrected the date above. PD))