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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/19/1994 19:00 (Entered as : 01/19/94 1900)
Reported: 8/19/2002 3:10:58 PM 15:10
Posted: 8/28/2002
Location: Summit, SD
Shape: Disk
Duration: 10 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object changed color, The object made a sound
Large Silver Disk explodes over SD Antenna Field....

Left Fargo, ND at 4:45 pm for meeting in marshall, MN ealrler postponed that day due to winter storm warnings. Took I-29 south, at approximtely 1845 hrs topped the "buffalo ridge" and was travelling along the Waubay nat'l Wildlife refuge. Shortly thereafter a large antenna field used by the US NAVY had its antennae strobes on, the weather was much better above on the ridge than towards north down the ridge to Peever, SD. Sky was 20% cloudy but extremely windy and with a -35 degree fahrenheit temperature (the reason I know this is that the interior of that cars windows will begin to fog and ice up about 1 inch down and around the sides; at -40 they are completely iced over in side the car) the sky was partially clear, able to see some stars. I was in the process of passing a slow semi-truck when I got neck and neck with him on I-29. I thought the driver was asleep but instead saw he was slowing down, I discerned he was looking at something, so I glanced in the same direction West by Southwest. The appeared to be the reflection in the strobes of a very large aircraft over the antenna field. The reflection revealed at first a shiny silver surface, possibly the side or bottom of a fusilage but this 'craft' was moving extremely slow and was huge, at least 100 ft in length. As I finished passing the semi-truck, under several near instantaneous bursts of the antenna strobes the was a 3-4 blue then purple colored lights which revealed the top of the 'craft', was slightly flat and the bottom was curved. Severl seconds later, there was an intense flash from the object, while the strobes that blinked were blinking were bright this flash was like a welders arc, I mean damned near blinding if it had not been for the extremely short time of the burst. I saw trhe trucker flashe his lights at me and put his cab light on pointing to the west at the antenna field. I heard a loud thunderous bang, similar to hearing a heavy metal object fall like at a foundry or steel mill, only muffed by the dista! nce and wind. I got off at the US Route 12 exit going across I-29 to the Conoco truckstop. It was approximately 7:15 pm when I got because I pulled up to a pump and topped my gas tank off. I told the attendant, a woman what I saw, that an airplane exploded in the air. She said that i ought to call the sherrifs department, just then the trucker came in and went through the same story with the cashier. After I phoned in what I saw so di the trucker. The dispatcher said there was a depuites car in the area. The Sherriffs depty came in at 7:35 pm, his car was spotless, as was his uniform and overall appearance; HE did not have a South Dakota accent. As the trucker and I were giving our statements a rancher and his wife came in all excited about the the loud explosion and huge plane that fell. When I explained to the Sherriffs Deputy that I saw no flames or crash on the gound-the rancher said he did not know the Sherriffs deputy cutting into our conversation. The trucker and ranchers wife asked where he was from and he got flustered becasue as it turned out the uniform and car were recognized as belonging the the local sherroiffs department , the cashier was listening all of this we were the only people at the truck stop and the cashier spoke that the deputy was not from around here, he said eh would explain once he got our statements, later explained that he was on loan from near Aberdeen, SD. Once we gave our statements he said that we saw a satellite re-entering the earths atomosphere. For being a Sherriffs Deputy he unusually well informed, he said we would be contacted by the USAF after giving our name, age and phone number (he noted the sex of each of us, independently of his questioning). I do not remember the daqte of the phone call but it was mid February, "an official representative of the US Air Force told me I saw a satellite re-entering the earths atomosphere". I was also told not go to any newspapers or media, the tone was not of a threat but practically a dare! This! the fir st time that I have seen this website. I am not loony, I have a Ph.D. am an Eagle Scout and was going through my old financial files when I stumbled upon an old expense report with some notes of what I saw attached to it. To this day I do not if the 'craft' I saw was a satellite re-entering the earths atomosphere, a military plane crash or a "flying saucer" badly in need of a tune up. However, I know a coverup when I see one. I checked on the Sherriffs Deputy, later found out he did not even exist, know one matching name or description was on any Sherriffs department in the area, this I did on my own. The sherriffs department did not even have a record of the dispatch after iasked further. Who in the hell was that Sherriff's deputy? What was going on with that flying craft? Why in one of the most severe and dangerous winter storms? Why were there not more people at the Truck Stop?

((NUFORC Note: Time and date of incident apparently are precise. Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. We would like to communicate with the individual about this case. PD))