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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/1/2000 20:00 (Entered as : 6-1-00 20:00)
Reported: 4/20/2002 5:29:16 AM 05:29
Posted: 4/25/2002
Location: Key West, FL
Shape: Formation
Duration: 30 minutes
fleet of v shaped objects blot out sky over key west, florida

my wife, and i observed strange light formations in the sky, over key west and the straits of florida, in the early summer of 2000.

we were twenty feet above the beach. we were facing, due south. the sun was below the horizen, at our right and rear.

the entire sky, from east to west, was lit up by the red wave length-light, bending through the atmosphere and coloring the humid air mass. they call it "after-glow".

the sky was pink, except for the shadows cast by the horizen and dirty atmosphere, rising up from the the east and south. night was coming and the shrould of evening was creeping above the horizen. if you paid close attention, you could see the cross section of the atmosphere, as he red light from the set sun passed through the various atmospheric densities -dirt and dark on the bottom and thin and clear at the top. you could see the the shape of the top layer of clouds. as the light of the world outlined their billowing shapes, across the sky.

suddenly, huge, v shaped formations filled the sky. we saw two, maybe three, huge inverted v shapes blotting out the afterglow. they were due south, over the straits of florida. they extended from the southeren horizen, to a point somewhere overhead and behind us.

just as suddenly, we were in "eclispe-like", lighting conditions. the pink, except, for some wedge-shape light still reflecting off the clouds in the southren sky was gone.

things that should have been reflecting the afterglow were, suddenly, dark. the sea stop reflecting the pink sky , that seconds, ago,played off the mirror-like ocean that charecterizes the shallow waters found atop seven miles of reef. the white stones that made up the jetty, were in shadow. it was pretty darn sudden. We never saw anything, remotely, like it, before, except in pictures of a developing eclispe.

The, we noticed evidence of a forth object, overhead and stretching, due east.

my wife grabbed her 35 mm camera and started shooting.

the images that she captured are unexplainable. The pictures show, what appear to be the images of two, maybe four, arrowhead shaped objects casting shadows, againt the southren sky and directly overhead.

for two years, the photos were in a drawer - they were odd light formations but there are a million of them, everyday. then, i happened to show one of them to a man who makes his livlihood measuring things and recoding things accurately, he is a professional "expert" witness, and archetectural details and pinpoint accurracy, are his bread and butter. when we casualy showed him one of the photos, he physically, flinched and sat straight up. It, certainly, got his attention.

that is when, i started to examine, just what it was, that was making the images.

after much thought, i realized, that in the case of the most well defined image of an an inverted arrowhead, i was looking at a shadow being cast by a v shaped object, suspended point side down, flat side facing the sun. the object appeared to be hovering in a fixed position, at a point that would place it between the sun that had set -the light source - and the pink sky and dark shadowed atmosphere in the southren skies- in effect, the movie screen.

the image in the sky was an artifact of the atmosphere, as it bent the light and focused the dark image of the v shaped object onto the movie-screen like background.

we snapped 10 pictures that day and they indicated that the above mentioned v shape object had changed its allinment to the sun. the pictures contain a wealth of scientific information and rasie a whole lot of questions.

((NUFORC Note: Date of incident is approximate. We will request copies of the photos from the witness. PD))