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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/28/1981 23:59 (Entered as : 07/28/81 2400)
Reported: 3/4/2002 8:29:51 PM 20:29
Posted: 3/19/2002
Location: Foresthill, CA
Shape: Cigar
Duration: 7hrs day 1...
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object emitted other objects, The object emitted beams
Seven nights,missing time and neon lights...

A roommate(I will refer to as R1) and I were waiting for our other roommate(R2) to get off work as we had her car when we decided to drive the four or five miles down to the local pond around midnight.The moon was full and we often went here to fish and swim so it was not unusual for us to be there.

R1 was a single working mother who had known R2 for many years.R2 was a single hardworking girl and the three of us lived together and helped care for R1's two children and basically helped to support each other.I had recently separated from my wife and had originally went west to visit and old friend of mine.

when we rounded the corner on the gravel road we immediately noticed something out of the ordinary.The pond had a slight rolling mist on it.I had been there many times at all hours and never seen that before.It was a beautifully clear and warm evening so we pulled up to the waters edge and turned the car off.As is usual in the upper foothills there is very little sound to be heard during the evening hours and this night was no different.The pond is roughly fifty yards across and perhaps 100 yards long and we were parked facing crossways to the pond-the other bank fifty yards away.

We weren't there but a few minutes when the mist began to thicken and swirl abit which seemed odd as there was no wind.Suddenly just off the far shore some faint lights could be seen just below the mist.These lights soon became more eradic and pronounced and as they became stronger the mist on the pond got thicker and swirled more.Eventually the lights reached above the surrounding mist and appeared to be sparks of some sort generating from an origin then spewing outward as sparks tend to do as if someone was welding underwater.Clearly there were some things that just did not make sense however.

The sparks all were shaped the same-an inverted "V"-all of them,no random shapes as one would have expected to see.There was absolutely no sound whatsoever and at fifty yards on a mountain lake surrounded by pine trees you can normally hear a pin drop.Also the mist got to about two feet thick on the water but never spilled over the bank which was only 8 inches above the water.The sparks would then slowly decrease in intensity,the mist would become lighter just a thin layer swirling on the surface as it was when we arrived and it would become less aggitated as well.This whole cycle lasted maybe a few minutes at most.

I think R1 and I watched the first cycle in complete silence not sure at all of what it was we had seen.We verified with each other that we had both seen it and got out of the car just as another exact same cycle began again and through it all we heard not one sound at all.R1 became silent at this point and it would be quite awhile before I would hear her speak again.

Maybe it was the third or fourth cycle when I wanted to get a good look at what was going on and since we were facing the far bank I decided to reach back in the car and shine the headlights on it while it was in full swing.We recieved an immediate response and for the first time since we arrived I was afraid.The sparks immediately died away but the mist began to thicken to as much as seven or eight feet but it still did not spill over the bank.It began to swirl wildly and spotlights moved back and forth aross the edge of the mist.I say "spotlights" only to give some idea of there action because in actuality they were black box shapes moving back and forth as though searching the area.I mean black,everywhere they passed went black as coal.I can't explain it but thats what I was seeing.

We quickly got back in the car and started it up no problem.R1 would not speak to me only stare out at the pond so I told her to watch the pond and I would carefully back out up the road.I think I saw some color on her face because I stopped backing up and looked forward and realized something large and dark was rising above the mist and it had a red light on top of it.This light seemed fixed,not moving freely like the dark lights were.It's shape reminded me of a submarine but it was nearly as long as the whole pond and it was rising way to far from the water-I think I was seeing 2/3 of it and that was above the 8 foot wall of mist.The red light was facing forward on the vehicle(shining to our right) and slowly turned our direction as the whole thing began to turn towards us.I returned to the job at hand and carefully resumed my backing when something hit my side of the car hard enough to push us into the steep ditch I was trying to avoid.A return the following day to get the car out of the ditch revealed tire tracks that were proceding up the middle of the road then abruptly made a 90 degree slide sideways into the ditch some two feet or so yet there was no damage to the car.

We were stuck in a steep ditch,no way to open the passenger door yet the next thing I remember was R1 standing outside the car reaching her hand to help me out.We were bathed in the red light.There was no sound.The object was no longer moving but was fully facing us some 20 yards away and I was petrified.When R1 helped me out of the vehicle I actually stopped to relieve myself before beating feet out of there.R1 is a large,strong woman and as hard as she was pulling I kept fighting to look back and the last I saw of it it was sitting on top of the mist staring directly at us.

We moved up the main road back to our house as swiftly as we could but it became apparent that something was following us along the side of the road just inside the treeline and fear began to rise again.

I remember nothing after that until we rounded the corner into our driveway on foot.We had arrived at the pond around midnight, watched three or four cycles and covered four or five miles it should not have been more than two or three am at most.It was in fact 7:30 am and the sun was up and the birds were chirping and R1 wasn't speaking to anyone not even to R2 who was impatiently waiting for us to return with her car.I explained what you just read and R1 only nodded at appropriate times to verify what I was telling her.

R1 and I returned with a friend to pull the car out of the ditch (R1 would not again return to that place or let her kids swim there for quite some time) and found the car as I stated and there was no sign of anything out of the ordinary.We searched the whole perimeter of the pond and saw not one thing that would help explain the happenings of the night before.

R2 and I returned the next several nights to see many strange things,thankfully nothing to compare to the first in fact each night was completely different.What I can tell you is that we brought others there as witnesses that knew what had happened and on other nights we brought poeple that had no idea.R2 and I and one other person saw many strange events while all the others did not-some things going on within feet of us all.Each night before dark we swept the trails clean and set trip wires around the entire pond in hopes of foiling a hoax only to be denied the following morning.Some of the later events even had some audible traits-it really seemed to us that we were being toyed with and were completely helpless.

I can't explain it,it is simply what I saw.It dramatically changed my life and I wish I could say it was entirely for the better but that would be untrue.You learn alot about your friends in situations like this.Some poeple simply cannot deal with things like this and that's a shame because that is when you need them most.You learn quickly to keep it to yourself.The most bizarre,the most overwhelming and unexplainable event in your life and you can't let it out.There is some tragedy in that as many of you know I'm sure.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))