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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/26/2001 05:25 (Entered as : 122601 0525)
Reported: 1/14/2002 12:25:16 AM 00:25
Posted: 1/29/2002
Location: Honolulu, HI
Shape: Other
Duration: 15 seconds
Slow moving 'star' flys across Honolulu skyline.

At 5:25 a.m., my girl friend and I were driving to church on the H-1 freeway in Kalihi just past the Pali Highway on ramp, when I saw a dot (about the size of a planet or good size star) in the sky that moved from directly infront and above (about 45 degrees above the horizon) of my car towards the north-east, over the Koolau mountains. By the time I said, 'What's that up there?' and my girl friend glanced up, the dot disappeared out of view. I know this wasn't a meteor because we had just seen the Leonid meteor shower just a few weeks prior and this object moved much slower and didn't leave a trail. The object took about 5-8 seconds to traverse half the sky. I've been told that it could have been a satellite but being the winter time, the sun wasn't going to be rising for over an hour plus I'm not familiar with there being many satellites flying south to north over the islands, they're usually east to west. It could have been a plane too, but there weren't any other lights except for just that one dot, and there wasn't any sillouette as it crossed other stars. Also, I've never seen aircraft flying over the sky that early in the morning and going in that particular direction. F.Y.I. I periodically stargaze on early Sunday mornings.

In an unrelated event, sometime in 1995 or 96, I recall seeing a series of bright blue light beams shooting up from a fixed point along the Koolau mountain ridge near the Pali Highway area. This blast of 3-4 distinct beams shot up like a spot light and lit up the sky and clouds in the area. The beams moved very fast and independantly of each other (some angled as low as 45 degrees to the horizon), however it only lasted for about 5 seconds. Keep in mind that there are no houses that far up on the ridges and why anyone whould have powerful spotlights that deep in the woods for a 5 second show is beyond me. This was viewed by my roommate and I while we were talking outside our appartment walkway on the 7th floor (located on the corner of ((deleted)) St. & Kapiolani Blvd.) at around 10 p.m. Nothing was ever mentioned about it on the tv news or the newspapers the next day.