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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/19/2001 00:01 (Entered as : 05/19/2001 12:00 am)
Reported: 5/29/2001 13:44
Posted: 7/1/2002
Location: Carson, WA
Shape: Light
Duration: approx 1 minute
A large bright light moved at a constant,very high rate of speed and crossed the entire sky in less than one minute.

Two of my friends and I were camping at Falls Creek just outside of Carson, Wa and were watching the stars around midnight. I noticed a light in the sky that was moving. I assumed at first that it was a sattelite and pointed it out to my friends. After watching it for a few seconds, we realized that it was brighter than any other light in the sky and moving at an incredible rate of speed. It took less that a minute for the light to cross the entire sky and out of our sight. We were all pretty confused as to what it could have been and tried explaining it, but everything we could come up with didn't seem to fit. It moved at a constant speed, it didn't fade in and out or flicker, which a meteor would do, and moved far too fast to be a sattelite.

((NUFORC Note: Date may be approximate. We are not certain whether the witness means the night of May 19, or the morning. PD))